5 Types of Online Jobs for College Students to Earn Money

Online Jobs for college Students

Utilizing the free time and taking your computer & internet undergone, as a college student you can make a huge amount of money right from the home. There are plenty of ways on the internet to make money by providing your services at your free time for which definitely, you don’t need to leave your home.

All you need to have confidence, a good thinking quality that is to choose what type of job to do that benefits you the more. In particular, I would claim the one as a best who chooses a work that he can do in less time for which he gets the maximum price as compared to the other one. BUT this is not easy as just saying, you need to find, compare and test yourself with each one.

And that’s the main reason why we are here sharing with you few of the best and legit online jobs for college students with the hope to be able to bring at least one job that you can do.

5 Legitimate Online Jobs For College Students To Earn At Home

I would like to dive into the shortlist of best online jobs that you can perform for money at your home. So lets have a look.

Online Jobs for college Students

1) Article Writing :

A legitimate with having wide scope & demand is article writing. If you have good enough skills with good command over the native and especially on the English language then you arrived just in the right place.

Article writing can be done either for reviewing a product or for a blog etc. What you need to do is find a person who’s looking for an article writer for a specific topic that you can write on. Let suppose, someone’s looking for a writer with a topic “The Most Visited Place In A COUNTRY ” or “The Most Common Diseases due to ABC”, The topic should be anything but if you can write on it then you need to provide your services.

You might be wondering how to find people with topics you can write? Here are few ways:-

  1. Search Google for query e.g Article writer needed, need article writer, hiring an article writer, product review writer etc.
  2. Join UPWork(Odesk), Elance and other freelancing sites.
  3. Search facebook groups naming article/content writers.

2) Freelance services at Fiverr :

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms dedicated to those who have some independent skills and want to get paid for each service you provide. You can earn at least 5$ for each service you provide at Fiverr. There are numerous services that you can provide such as article writing, graphics/logo/banner designing, translation, speech and much more to get paid. So if you are skilled in any field then Fiverr is a place for you. Click here If you want to know How I make $300+/month on Fiverr.

3) Taking surveys to get Paid :

Online survey taking jobs are most common nowadays and are especially for those who don’t have any skills rather than basic computer and internet knowledge.

Online surveys are actually taken for different products and software that the company owners considering as a feedback. So that you will be given simple options to choose one from. You can easily find out online survey sites of country-based or internationally based by searching google or reading reviews on other blogs.

4) Online Data Entry Jobs :

Numerous companies and websites are out there hiring people for their simple tasks that are entering the data at the place where it needs to be entered. Just like the online surveys. It doesn’t need any specific qualification or skills rather than basic computer knowledge and education.

To see the scenario yourself, I would like to suggest applying at Capital typing, HEA-Employment or any other site that if you found high paying.

5) Selling Crafts On Etsy :

Since this isn’t 100% online work to do but you will have to place your handicrafts on the internet where buyers will contact you if they really need the crafts. So students having skills with lots of passion in making crafts by hands can join ETSY to upload their photos of their work and can earn money through it if someone were interested in it.

That’s it, dear students, I hope you found at least one job of the above suitable for you. If that so, please do some more research about that and then start performing.

About the author

Basheer Ahmad is a freelancer and blogger and blogging at http://www.collegestudentsjobs.com/, as well as a college student who love exploring new and legit online jobs for college students in order to earn himself and let others earn it too. You can get connected with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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