Online Marketing 101: Knowing When it is Time for a Change


Any business owner appreciates the simple fact that evolution is key to success.  Methods that might have been ideal for a past venture could be outdated today and counterproductive tomorrow.  This is why the concept of adaptation should never be far from any sales or marketing campaign.  However, we can often run into a rather tricky problem.  How do we know when it is time for a change?  At what point should old habits and approaches be thrown out for more streamlined and targeted strategies?  The answers to these questions will rely just as much upon intuition as a forward-thinking mindset.  Let us take a closer look at a few excellent tips as well as what the experts have to say.

Recognizing an Issue Before it Evolves Into a Major Problem

As the expression goes, the first step in avoiding a trap is becoming aware of its existence.  The same holds true in terms of online sales and marketing campaigns.  Unfortunately, the initial symptoms might appear to be rather innocuous and inconsequential.  They could represent something as minor as a slight dip in sales or lower inbound traffic.  The issue is that such flukes can and will occur from time to time.  Still, it these situations are appearing to become more frequent, this could be a signal that your old approaches are no longer entirely valid.

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While clients can often act as excellent barometers in terms of the outward appearance of your business, we also need to keep in mind that levels of functionality can change over time.  Let us imagine that 2018 was your best year yet in terms of revenue generation. So, you have decided to expand into an entirely new marketplace during 2019.  This requires certain actions to be taken such as a massive website upgrade and the addition of new marketing channels into your current architecture.  However, a problem has arisen along the way.

The existing e-commerce architecture that you possess cannot cope with such changes within a real-time scenario.  You are forced to cut corners and as a result, the site itself is less functional when compared the past.  This has a knock-on effect in regards to client satisfaction and revenue generation.  While 2019 was set to be a stellar year in terms of forward momentum, you have instead lost the very same customer base that you were hoping to leverage in the coming months.

Does this situation sound familiar?  This is often the result of the expression “be careful what you wish for,as you just might get it”. Online businesses which experience a massive amount of growth are often faced with unforeseen difficulties, as their legacy software packages are no longer able to support the needs of a growing firm.  This is a prime example of when an upgrade will be required, but what options are at your disposal?

Modern Utilities for Modern Times

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Many articles have discussed the differences between popular e-commerce platforms and what separates their services from one another.  This is why search terms such as “Big Commerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus” are now quite common.  However, let us do away with the more technical aspects of such comparison and get down to the heart of the question.  Why is Shopify Plus the preferred e-commerce provider for businesses which are on the cusp of breaking through to an entirely new plateau?  Let’s forego with the more complicated jargon to fully understand what is in store for you and your team.

An trade professional appreciates the fact that the right tool needs to be chosen for the job at hand.  This is why a plumber will rarely possess any carpentry tools and why an electrician rarely becomes involves with the roofing industry.  In the same respect, why choose an e-commerce platform that is not suited for your business?  While bundles such as Big Commerce have their benefits, the fact of the matter is that they are not known for their user-friendly architecture.  Furthermore, scalability is extremely limited. 

Shopify Plus has been designed by technicians with real-world experience and who fully appreciate the needs of a growing online business.  They understand that flexibility and agility are the keys to success.  You can therefore avoid downtime and similarly debilitating situations that will cost your business money and effort.  The user-friendly nature of such systems enables adjustments to be made on the fly without the need to know a significant level of coding.  Furthermore, help is available on a 24/7 basis whenever it is required. 

Do you feel that your current e-commerce platform is holding you back from achieving great things this year?  Perhaps you have simply outgrown legacy architecture and change is required.  Either way, Shopify Plus will provide you with the necessary forward momentum.

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