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Plagiarism Checker

Are you searching for best plagiarism checker tool for bloggers or content writers. If Yes, you are on the right place. Today In this post I will let you know about one of the best online plagiarism checker tool.

What is Plagiarism ?

In Simple word Plagiarism simple means copying from other source without giving any credits. It’s like cheating and claiming it as your own. As there is an immense growth in blogging and content marketing due to which more and more people can get access to your content easily.

Plagiarism Checker

Google is also very smart in this case it can determine original and duplicate content easily. Only in some cases it made some mistake so it is better to find your copied content over Internet.

I would recommend you all to have a copyright page visible to users on your blog, so that you can file a DMCA complaint to remove that content from that site.

Why Bloggers and Writers Should Use Online Plagiarism Checker?

As we all know now a days Google release updates very frequently which either boost your search engine traffic or penalize your blog/website. If your website have very less content or using black hat methods of link building then surely you will get penalize.

Google crawls multiple pages from different site on daily basis so if it found same content multiple times then chances are that it might penalize your website if someone else copies your content.

There are many online plagiarism checker tool available one of them is Unplag which will help you find your website copied content all over the Internet very easily.

Bloggers who accept guest posts must use Unplag online plagiarism checker tool as you don’t know much about guest author which makes you unaware of how he/she might gather content. So you must check for plagiarism before accepting any guest post on your blog before hitting publish.

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Online Plagiarism Detection

How Bloggers can avoid Plagiarism in their Guest Posts ?

Unplag help you find plagiarism among content with 3 option available on their site.

These 3 check options are :

  1. Doc Vs Doc : This will help you find plagiarism among two doc files
  2. Doc Vs My Library : In this option you can upload multiples files and can check for plagiarism among them
  3. Doc Vs Internet : This option is best for blogger and content writer by using it you can make check for plagiarism all over the internet.

Advantage of using Unplag Online Plagiarism tool

Unplag.com is helpful for each and everyone whether you are content writer, blogger or teacher. It is one of the best online plagiarism checker tool which cover everyone in the field of content production.

I would give you 4 reason to use Unplag :

  • It is very fast and easy to use.
  • This tool is online and doesn’t require any additional download.
  • Even if you are far away from your home you can access this tool without downloading anything.
  • Scanning your document will not change it format whether it is .pdf .txt or .docx file.

Unplag Affiliate Program

We all know Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. All you have to do is signup for any offer and promote it until you make sale.

3 Reason I recommend you to join Unplag Affiliate Program :

  1. They Offer recurring commission like this program.
  2. Unplag have an awesome affiliate management team who will help you generate sale.
  3. It has great tools which make affiliate marketing much more easier.

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