Opicle Network Review : One of the Best Indian Affiliate Network

Opicle Network Review

The primary choice for affiliate marketers towards the network is when the company is trusted, reliable, and have a good customer support. It’s that, there’s already thousand of new grown affiliate companies everyday, and in such huge masses — people are being scammed with their money by the networks. For such, people are really confused about which network to choose for their CPA, CPS and CPI campaign they want to launch and for the reason we have been asked several time regarded which can be the best and most reliable network to get started with.

Among those few trusted network, Opicle is one and which we are to talk and discuss about today about what makes it that reliable and robust for the affiliate campaigns. It has turned into a brand with thousand of active affiliate and publisher. It was founded as on 2014, and have been affiliated with over 200 global companies.

It’s recognized by Independent Global Survey as “Top Affiliate Marketing Provider”. While advertisers bid for the CPI, CPS, CPA offer, the publishers loyally ads over there who enjoys highly converting ads, and for it’s robust system and tools it facilitates the publishers to get real time reporting. It has been helping online business to get massive ROI and profitable growth since 2014, and have been keep on delivering the outstanding results.

Within the network, the company recruit the best players in the industry to ensure giving quality assertions to both it’s advertisers and publishers. They keep practicing doing new researches and critical analysis for the most-proven results on the campaigns.

Opicle Network Review

Opicle Technologies Review:

With affiliation of over 200 companies globally, and marque clients such as Flipkart, FoodPanda, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Jabong.com, and several others with over thousand of active publishers, Opicle is one of India’s Fasting Affiliate Network that has got some very exclusive offers.

It was started with a vision of appreciation and immersive growth for both the publishers and advertisers. What differentiates Opicle from other ad networks in India are –

  • It’s affiliated with international clients in a very qualitative way, it’s easy to monetize your inventory worldwide.
  • Customer support is a very important thing to be consider about, and this is what differentiates Opicle from everyone. It provides you with a Dedicated Account Manager for your support and easily figure out the issue by directly calling through phone or Skype or an email.
  • Opicle follows a 45 days payment cycle as well as you can easily avail your commissions directly via NEFT or cheque, it makes less hassle for the Indian publishers and better and faster than Paypal.
  • It’s robust features that includes deep-linking tool, makes affiliate able to easily deep-link to their desired product or it’s page from any of it’s campaign of CPS.

Benefits to Advertisers:

Advertisers are a priority for a network. Opicle tries their best in delivering quality leads to it’s advertisrs, and provides data-proven report for every individual leads. Along with detailed-statistics the advertisers are able to get detailed report of the campaign.

They ensure it’s advertisers get maximum traffic for the campaign they invest on and provide both targeted and selected traffic . They are also ale to decide their own rates of commission that’s to be paid to the affiliate marketers of the campaign.

  • Quality leads.
  • – Detailed reports and tracking.
  • – 24×7 support.
  • – Dedicated advertiser support.

Benefits to Publishers:

Publishers who want to monetize their site with highly-converting ads, is allowed to take full benefit of Opicle Technologies. It allows you to choose a large variety of both national and international offers and helps you to get data-proven results with their 24×7 support system.

All you need is to Signup for Opicle as Publishers, and get started with it.

  • Highly Converting Offers.
  • 100% reliable sales tracking system.
  • 100% Real Time Reporting on dashboard.
  • Fast payout.
  •  24×7 support.

What are you waiting for? Join Opicle as Publisher OR Advertiser, now!

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