How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online in 5 Minutes

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online

Now a days use of credit card goes on increase as Credit cards are the best shopping cards which gives us some feasibility to shop anywhere without cash or looking into bank balance. But you would be thinking that it give advantage of shopping with freedom, but it also charges quite high amount of fine if you are unable to pay the debt within the time limit. It is quite easy to pay SBI Credit Card bill online.

And it generally happens in everyone’s life where you might come across many daily life problems or sometime you are not in situation to pay on due date, because of which you have to face the penalty anyway. Even I have failed twice in my initial day to clear my credit card debt on due time, so I had also faced this situation, we generally fail due to some silly reasons like Official Holidays, and we miss our due date. Because of such silly reasons one have to pay penalty amount which is really huge and we have to pay that without any reason. So to escape from such situations, we have found one solution to pay credit card bill online just sitting at home. Not only that if you are out of station you can still pay your credit card bills online, you will just need a Internet connection.

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How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online

To pay your SBI Credit card bill online, just follow this simple step by step guide :

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online

  • At 1st you have to open SBI credit card payment link to make your payment.
  • Then click on Pay now, after that a dialog box will open with disclaimer there click on “Proceed” button.
  • Fill up the details it will ask like : email address, Card no., Mobile no. and Due amount.
  • Here you will get a chance to select way of payment you can use net banking or debit card to make payment and complete the transaction.
  • In few seconds you will receive one time password after entering that your payment will be confirmed.

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That’s all about how to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill online without facing any issue. You can also use NEFT to make credit card bill payment online, we will discuss about it later someday. Until then if you face any issue let me know in comment below and keep on sharing.

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