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Payclick Ad network

Are you website owner who wants to make more money?

Are you product owner who want to reach huge audience?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then you are at right place.

Yes, In today’s post, I am going to explain PayClick which is Singapore based native ad network.

I have tried this ad network and on the basis of that experience I am going to write this complete PayClick review.

Who should read this PayClick Review?

If you are publisher who want to make more money with websites then you should read this review.

If you are the person who wants to promote product or content then also you should read this review.

PayClick Ad Network

PayClick is Singapore based native ad network. This network display content as well as product recommendation on publisher’s website and help them to earn money from it. PayClick works on CPM and CPC revenue models. At present, PayClick is working in 107 countries with 1, 20,000 advertisers. The ads of PayClick are able to reach up to 5% CTR while the average CTR is 2.3% in the market.

Reach of PayClick Network

reach of payclick ad network

PayClick Review for Publishers

Publishers are using banner advertisements since quite long time. But nowadays, the effect and revenue of banner advertisements are becoming less. So to fulfil this gap, new advertisement networks are coming with new ad formats.

One of the ad types is to show content or product recommendation. These types of ads are performing quite well in terms of CTR and CPM.

PayClick is one of the content recommendation ad network which is having more than 1, 20,000 advertisers who provides their services to publishers. The best thing about PayClick is that PayClick is using CTR and CPM both. So any type of publisher can use PayClick to grow the money making process.

What are the best features for Publishers in PayClick?

  1. PayClick works on both CTR and CPM.
  2. They provide best conditions to the premium partners.
  3. The ads which PayClick provides are fully responsive, easily customizable and high paying for publishers.
  4. PayClick uses browser cookies to display the ads which are of user’s interest. The algorithm of PayClick is quite good which trace everything from the browser of your website visitor. They trace and use things like who the visitors are, what contexts they are in, what they have read before and what is the shopping history etc to provide the best recommendations.
  5. You can use PayClick ads with Adsense and other ad networks.
  6. You can display any number of ads on single page.
  7. You can customize a lot. You can customize background colours, size, font style, font size etc as per your need.
  8. You can install and customize the ad widget in just 5 minutes.

What are the requirements for the publishers to join PayClick?

  1. The publisher’s site should not contains adult content, malware, spyware or any kind of gambling content.
  2. Content should be original.
  3. Publishers should not use any wrong traffic generation techniques such as bots or hitleap.
  4. Publisher should not modify the ad code.
  5. To get the approval from the PayClick, publisher’s website should have quality content and real traffic. PayClick accepts websites with less traffic, than 100k impressions, but only on CPC basis. Websites which are getting daily more than 100000 impressions are able to work on CPM basis.

Sign Up and Approval Process

The sign up process of PayClick is very easy. All you need to do is fill the form and submit it. Once you submit the form, you will receive the Email from them on your registered Email address. Then you need to activate your account and submit your site for review.

The approval time of PayClick is very less. You can create ad widget while waiting for approval from them. They usually give approval in one day time.

Ad Formats

As I already mentioned, this is native ad network. So it only provides content or product recommendation.

Payout and Reporting System

The payout threshold of PayClick is less as compared to Adsense. The payout threshold is $20 only. You can get money weekly. PayClick also supports multiple payout methods which include PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and WebMoney.

The reporting system of PayClick is very transparent. It offers various stats which you should know to increase your revenue. You can even generate reports using various filters.

Referral Program for Publishers

PayClick is not having any referral program for publishers as of now.

PayClick Review for Advertisers

PayClick also offers a great opportunity to advertisers. The main aim of any advertiser is to reach the targeted audience. So with PayClick, advertisers can easily reach the targeted audience. PayClick is delivering lots of clicks and impression daily which is the plus point for any advertiser.

Any advertiser can easily create campaign and reach the great audience. Due to the good numbers of publishers, it is very easy to get targeted audience. The payment options are also broad which can help any advertiser to fund the account.

The PayClick support is quite good. So if you are having any query, you can contact them. They can get back to you as soon as possible. The best thing about their support is you will get manager who can talk with you in your local language. The support is also available for 24*7.

Final Words on PayClick Review

PayClick works for all type of website. The revenue generation which PayClick provides are quite high than conventional banner advertisements. You can always ask the revenue generation prediction to your manager. You can increase the revenue with the more targeted and quality traffic.

The best features like ad customization options, weekly payment, and $20 threshold for payment are great for any type of publishers. These features are attracting new publishers also.

On the part of Advertisers, PayClick is a great native ad network to work with. The number of impression and clicks provided by this ad network is very high. So any advertiser can get the targeted traffic easily. The support is also great for advertisers.

So after using this ad network on my site, I recommend you to try this ad network once to increase your revenue.

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