How Paying With Credit and Debit Cards Has Changed Over The Years

Paying with Cards

Through the years, acceptance of the use of credit and debit cards have increased a lot because of the convenience it provides consumers. Thus, more and more people nowadays possess credit and debit cards. Diving into the evolution of credit and debit cards, this discussion will reveal how paying with credit and debit cards has changed over the years.

1. Consumers Carry Less Cash In Their Wallets

Nowadays, people tend to carry less and less cash inside their wallets for security and convenience. Because cards are easier to carry, people usually just bring a small amount of cash and pay with their credit cards. Especially since most stores already accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment, you can purchase clothes, accessories, furniture, groceries, electronics, jewelry, and even cars with just your credit card.

2. Your Credit Card Doesn’t Need To Leave Your Hand

Credit Card

Credit and debit card payments can now be contactless payments. With contactless card payments, you can be assured of a fast, easy, and secure payment method. You just need to tap your card a few centimeters above the terminal. Moreover, since your card never leaves your hand, you no longer have to worry about retailers having access to your credit card information. In addition to that, it makes payments faster, meaning there are lesser queues and lining up.

3. You Can Pay For Bills Without Going To The Bank

You can use your debit card to pay for your bills in two ways. First, you can use an ATM machine when paying for your utility bills. ATM machines have the option to pay bills already. You just have to insert your card and bill payment details, and as easy as that, your bill is paid. Second, you can also use your online banking account that’s connected to your debit card to pay for your bills. You just need to key in the details of the bill that you’re paying for in your app, and the transaction is thereafter completed.

Currently, there are two ways in which you can pay your bills using your credit card without having to go to the bank. There is an option to enroll your biller in your credit card. By enrolling your biller, every month, your utility bill will get charged to your credit card. As a result, you only need to pay for your credit card bill instead of having to pay for multiple bills.

4. You Can Do Online Shopping And Banking Anywhere

Credit and debit cards allow you to make purchases in the comfort of your own home. The online banking system will enable you to do several transactions without having to go to the bank. For example, you can already make online purchases anywhere you are with the use of your credit card details. Simply key in your credit card details, and you can arrange vacations or buy goods online from anywhere in the world.

5. Mobile Phones Are Turning Into Digital Wallets

Smartphones have also evolved into digital wallets, which you can use to purchase many goods by connecting your debit card with an app. Consumers can now also use their phone to charge their debit card when making purchases. For example, to pay for purchases using their debit card even when consumers don’t bring their cards, you just need to open the app and scan a QR code. There is no need to bring the physical debit card itself.

6. Ability To Make Big Purchases

With credit cards, there is an option called installments. When you are planning a big purchase, you no longer have to apply for a loan to get it. For things such as appliances or cars, you can use your credit card to purchase them. Then, you can request for the credit card company to break the amount into small amounts.

By doing this, you don’t have to pay the whole amount in a lump sum. Instead, you only pay a part of it every month for several years, and the bank will only charge a small interest fee. You don’t need to go through the process of filing for a loan to pay for a big purchase anymore.


Payment methods are ever evolving, but we can be assured that credit and debit card payments are here to stay as evidenced by their ever-innovative nature. Making credit and debit card payments have truly changed over time for the good of all, and it will likely still continue to do so.

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