PayPal Casino: Simplest Way To Deposit Real Money

PayPal Casino

If you want to send or receive money online, chances are that most of the people will prefer PayPal. Since PayPal has been launched in the year 1998, it has grown a lot and has become the best online payment processing site all across the globe. It is assumed that everyone has an account on PayPal, so it is very common that if you are checking out at an online retailer, you will have the option to pay using PayPal.

Do you know PayPal can also be used to fund online casino accounts? Yes, it can be used. though it is not as much as popular as other options because PayPal is very careful in their policies regarding online gambling, due to this it will not allow many gambling sites to offer it as a payment option. However, when it is available to players, it can be among the very best ways to transfer money to an online casino.


We all know that PayPal is one of the most successful and popular payment methods which is used across the globe when it comes to online payment. It has become quite popular in last decade and according to few reports, it has more than 250 million users. Surely, this might have been because of the quality of service provided by them.


PayPal’s eWallet is very popular among casino players and it has used widely because of its simplicity and ease-of-use. PayPal has also been adopted as one of the major payment methods in many international gambling sites.

Once you have got one registered PayPal account, there will be no restriction on you where to play. The company itself says that PayPal is the easy, safe and convenient method for making online payments, which allows its customers to pay in a way suitable for them. The system also guarantees safety, because no sensitive personal or financial information is revealed to third parties.

How To Open A PayPal Account?

Opening a PayPal account is very easy, one has to follow few steps and you can get one account very quickly.

  1. At first, you have to visit the PayPal’s official site.
  2. After that, you have to click on Sign Up Link.
  3. Now you have to fill up all the information regarding your identity.
  4. Verify your email, this process will not take more than few minutes.

Once you are done with email verification, you can log in to your PayPal account. Now, you will have to take few additional steps to add your bank account and credit card, as well as complete verification to remove your limits. The verification generally takes few business days to complete the whole process.

How To Deposit Money with PayPal?

Deposit Money

If you want to deposit money at any online casino using your PayPal account, then at first you have to log into any casino which supports PayPal. Always make sure that you are on a genuine real money play casino site, then go to the casino’s bank. Now you have look for the PayPal under the deposit section and enter the amount you want to deposit. After that, you will be asked to log into your PayPal account to complete the transfer. One should have funds in advance in order to play immediately.

If you do not have enough money in your PayPal wallet for deposit to cover the cost, you can have PayPal bill your credit card directly. You can do this by adding and verifying the credit card in advance.

There are many sites which accept PayPal to deposit money. Most of the casino accept all major credit cards & few eWallet and 888 Casino accepts PayPal payments which makes it convenient to deposit money.

How to Withdraw Money via PayPal?

Once you have won any game you would like to receive your withdrawal money. PayPal makes it very easy to receive winnings. You just have to provide your PayPal email address and that’s all. In very rare case, a casino might ask for identity verification documents.

As soon as you receive the funds in your PayPal account, you can either make a purchase anywhere with it or you can bank transfer or cheque. They charge a small fee which varies depending on your country.

Advantages & Disadvantage of Using PayPal

The advantage of using PayPal for depositing money is that your funds and your personal information are being treated with the utmost care. It reduces the risk of getting your personal & banking data stolen. But it has only one disadvantage that it takes some time to get your bank & credit card linked with Paypal.

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