Plagiarism can demolish your site’s worth. Tips on how to save your site from it

Plagiarism Can Demolish Website in 2021

Plagiarism is the representation of someone else’s work or idea without crediting them properly. Many writers and webmasters take chunks of articles from other several websites and combine them to create new content. They use that content as their own which is completely wrong and illegal as well. Users can’t stick around by copy-pasting the work of someone else website.

The audience of your website will eventually come to know that you’re using another person’s work without any permission. The most important thing is that a website having plagiarized content can’t be optimized for search engines. Because SEO is all about ranking the website in search engine result pages by creating unique and plagiarism-free content.

Publishing plagiarized content will demolish the website’s worth and it’s impossible to rank a website in SERPs with having copied content.

Impact of Plagiarism on a website

– It Adds no Value to the Website

Copying or stealing someone else’s work is a bad technique to publish content on a website. The person who copies the content is providing harm to his/her website. Adding plagiarized content to the website usually makes the website lose valuable visitors. This is just because they’re filing to see any fresh and unique content from the website.

The writer will be guilty in the eyes of the search engine if he/she is stealing another person’s thoughts or ideas. Using someone else’s work means you’re putting your selves in a defeating situation.

It also plays a major role in decreasing the website’s ranking in SERPs.

It destroys the website’s Reputation

Plagiarism Website Reputation Check

Most of the time it happens that the content you’re stealing has already been stolen from somewhere else on the internet. There are some chances that it may have been paraphrased as well. This type of plagiarized content won’t not only affect the website’s reputation but also plays a great role in de-ranking a website.

Currently, if you’re trying to publish plagiarized content on the website, search engines know that where the original article was uploaded for the very first time.

Now, the copied article is not going to work out for any webmaster or blogger. So, it is very important to create 100% original and plagiarism-free content for a website.

Further in this article, we’re going to talk about a few tips that can save a website from demolishing.

4 Tips to save a website’s worth from Demolishing

1.   Write your own content

Plagiarism write your own content

Writing original and effective content is one of the finest ways to save a website from demolishing. To write unique content, first, make detailed keyword research related to the niche. When you’re doing research related to a topic, always keep a detailed track of all resources before start writing. This can easily help you check that where you found a fact or phrase that you desire to use in the content.

Don’t forget to add the citation of the user content to avoid any plagiarism issues. Also, try to add informative quotes in the content to increase its authority and credibility.

To explain some specific part from another’s content, writers can paraphrase it in their own words without changing its actual meaning. It also shows that the writer has completely understood the actual meaning of the content.

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2.   Add Royalty-Free Images

Royalty-free images normally come with a special license where users can license an R.F. image and can use those images for any purpose without renewing the license. Webmasters and bloggers can use these images in their content to prevent any copyright claims. This reduces the fear of any legal action from the photographer or illustrator.

Corbis Images is also one of the oldest and popular R.F. image supply houses.

Not all images require a license to get free and quality images to use in the content. Users can also take free images from multiple online platforms including Pixabay and Unsplash.

These websites provide a huge number of high-quality and niche relevant images for any use.

3.   Hire a person to Audit Content

To save a website from demolishing, webmasters must hire a person to audit the content published or going to publish on a website.

Content Audit for Plagiarism Check

The main focus of the content audit is to perform the best analysis of each content published on a website. The audited person will be responsible to make sure that the website operations run smoothly. The content auditor must evaluate content against the website’s goals and always evaluate it for any update or removal.

By having a site’s content audit, webmasters can easily fill the content gaps and can easily evaluate the quality of the published and unpublished content.

4.   Use Online Tools

It is important to check the quality and originality of the content before publishing it on a website. Multiple online tools are available on the internet which can help webmasters to check the plagiarized content from their work.

Some of the most popular premium checkers are

  • CopyScape (
  • Prepostseo (
  • Quetext (

The main focus of these plagiarism checkers is to compare the provided content with all online resources to quickly detect the plagiarized text. Webmasters, bloggers, writers, and other SEO experts use these online tools to check the originality of their work before publishing or submitting it.

These checkers analyzes the entire document and highlights the plagiarized text just within a few seconds.

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Wrapping Up

It is much needed to write unique and high-quality content to rank a website high in SERPs. Writing plagiarized content can destroy the website ranking and also plays a great role in losing valuable readers. To prevent writing plagiarized content, writers must add an in-text citation in the content from high-authority and credible websites.

Webmasters can add royalty-free excellent quality images to the content to avoid any copyright claims from the original photographer.

They can also use multiple online tools to quickly check the originality of their content before publishing it on the website. This helps webmasters to update published and unpublished content by adding unique and 100% original content.

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