How to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic

How to Promote and Drive Traffic to Blog

After you have created your money making blog posts now it is the time to promote your blog and drive more quality traffic to it. As a newbie i know it is really hard to drive traffic but a blogger with perfect strategies can drive 1000+ visitors a day. So in this post i will tell you steps which i follow daily to drive more traffic to new blog.

A Successful Blogger have three Qualities 1) Patience 2) Passion and 3) Dedication

How to Promote and Drive Traffic to Blog

Similarly driving traffic is not a easy task it need patience nearly around 2-3 months for decent traffic flow. So let’s start :

How to drive traffic to New Blog

1. Create Top Quality Content :

As i said earlier in the last post to make your blog popular one need top quality content from the 1st day of blog. You need to write blog post such that it develop bonding between reader and content. As well as make sure your blog post consists of following things :-

  • Try to get information which your readers might not be aware of, as well as get up to date information for them.
  • Add images and videos to make your blog post more appealing like comics.
  • Help your readers/ audience to solve their queries for example :- I am writing this post in order to help you in driving traffic to your new blog and promoting it.
  • Make your content more appealing by adding headings, bullets and paragraphs.
  • Share your own experience case studies in order to engage your readers from beginning with your blog.

Once your blog is ready with 5-6 appealing blog post now the times came to promote your new blog. Remember “Content is the King

NB :- Don’t promote your new blog until blog content is fully ready if your blog is unfinished and don’t have enough content. Visitor will think blog is not ready perhaps he will visit another time and will forget about it.

2. Building Blog Communities :-

It is one of the easiest way to get decent and constant traffic to your new blog but building blog communities is not a one day task. It may take up to months or it might take less than a day. I will tell you more about building blog communities in future because i can explain the whole procedure in a small paragraph it need an whole blog post.

Until then you can read Adrienne Guest post :- How to build an Active blog community on Carol Amato’s blog.

3. Joining Active Blog Communities :-

When you will search for list of active blog communities on Search engine you will find so many long list but none of them would be helpful because joining blog communities can’t help you drive more traffic then How can one drive traffic to my blog from blogging communities:-

  • Don’t only share your content, share other content which you think might help others.
  • Try to interact with others via commenting on their blogs and Social media profiles.
  • Be active daily on those blogging communities this will increase your exposure and you might get a gift from the community owner.

Here are some of the most active blogging communities i prefer to use :-

  • BlogEngage – Most active blogging community
  • Klinkk– Another active blogging community
  • Kingged – You will find some great commentators here
  • IndiBlogger – For Indian Bloggers
  • BizSugar

4. Participate in Forums :-

It is one of the greatest way of driving free traffic to your new blog. Participate in all sort of discussion on forums which are related to your blog.

Share your opinion on different threads and remember to add your blog link in signature this way you are not only driving traffic but also you might get a do follow backlink which will help you increase in your search engine ranking. You will not believe initially i had drive avg of 50 traffic daily by creating 5-6 threads and remaining active their.

NB : Getting in discussion is not time consuming but if used effectively you can drive quality traffic daily.

5. Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs :-

You can use commenting as a powerful tool of building relationship among other bloggers if used properly. And Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blog will not only help you building strong relationship but profitable blogging relationships.

CommentLuv plugin rewards commentator some times a do follow backlink, you can leave one post with your comments which will help you drive traffic from other blog as well. As well as it allow reader to leave twitter profile so that one can interact with other personally and socially also.

6. Optimizing Blog for Google :-

Organic traffic is considered as money traffic because organic traffic are more likely to get converted into sales which in return gives you some commission. But initially driving traffic from Google is not easy one have to do keyword research properly. If you are successful in optimizing your blog for Search engine then you will get free traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

To rank higher on Search Engine you need :

  1. Top Quality content optimized for both readers and Search engines
  2. Relevant links to your site/bog posts
  3. More Social Shares and likes.

Here you can read 200 ranking factors search engine use to rank blogs.

This is the 15th part of Money Making Blog Series for Newbie! In next post we will learn How to create backlinks and dominate the search engine with your blog. If you like this post don’t forget to share as well as put your queries down via comments i would like to interact with you.

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