Readymade Success: 3 Reasons to Choose an ‘All in One’ Serviced Office

All in One Service

At the end of 2016, commercial property developers in Singapore were looking rather gloomy. Forecasts for the market were predicting a slowdown in rental rates as demand started to exceed supply. With so many new office projects being built in central Singapore, there is now a lot more choice than there used to be and many landlords are lowering their rates to keep tenants interested.

Of course, it’s not such bad news if you’re a small business owner or foreign investor looking to launch a startup venture. In fact, ‘the flight to new projects’ is giving entrepreneurs the chance to upgrade their workspaces at a faster rate. So, it’s a good time right now, particularly in terms of real estate, to make a move into the Singapore markets. You’ll find a wealth of great rental options at affordable prices.

One of the best options is the serviced workspace because it rolls all logistical and utility expenses into one monthly fee. Keep reading to learn more.

Reduced Overheads

Even when office rent rates in Singapore are falling, the cost of high-end real estate can still be substantial. So, it’s useful for businesses to have a range of options. For instance, head over to www.servcorp.com.sg/en/serviced-offices/ to check out some of the serviced facilities available in the centre of the city.

These office suites are lavishly decorated and come with a wide variety of inclusive resources, features, and tools, as well as the chance to access ‘pay as you go’ services. As the cost of heating, lighting, and cleaning these workspaces is rolled into one monthly fee, it is much easier to control and streamline expenses.

Negotiable Terms of Use


Not only that, but tenants are in full control of how they use and access these suites. Serviced providers are committed to creating office space which fits the needs of the user, rather than serving the whims of the owner. In other words, whatever your business requires, they’ll go the extra length to make it happen.

Crucially, this includes changes to the terms of use and the original lease. If you move into an office and later decide that it is too big or too small, a serviced provider will offer to move you to a different suite in the same building. There are no fees or charges for this. The same applies to adding or removing resources from your corporate deal or package.

All Value, No Waste

When renting from a conventional landlord, it’s almost impossible to get maximum value out of the space. As you don’t have any real control over its configuration, there are going to be things either that you need and don’t have or have and don’t need. With a serviced provider, this is not a problem, because the terms of use are flexible.

While all of the basic utilities are included in the monthly fee, these providers don’t assume your needs. They let tenants shape their own. So, if you don’t have any use for a full-time receptionist or a dedicated customer phone line, you don’t pay for one. If you rarely entertain clients, you can remove all boardroom and meeting costs from your agreement.

The Real Reason Why Serviced Is Always Best

For many decades, businesses have equated permanence with stability and rigidity with reliability. Now, however, it is becoming clear to entrepreneurs and small businesses that retaining a sense of independence is a great way to strengthen your brand. When you have the freedom to make quick decisions about where you work and what resources you use, it’s possible to adapt to all kinds of industry and market change.  

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