Recruitment Secrets for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Businesses

Recruitment Secrets for Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain technology that supports it is no longer news. The newest kid on the block would be NFTs and the like. But despite its growing popularity and acceptance, the cryptocurrency industry and its blockchain technology are not still completely understood by many.

One of the implications is that finding suitable hands to run businesses in this industry is not a straightforward process. This is why businesses in this industry can make good use of recruitment secrets as shared here.

Secrets to Successful Recruitment in the Blockchain Industry

Recruitment Secrets for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

It has been observed that shrewd recruitment tactics are one of the things that successful blockchain businesses have in common. This is expected because human resources are needed to help scale any establishment.

But the million-dollar question is how they go about recruiting the right team. Some of the secrets that have been discovered by observing these businesses include:

Well-Planned Internal Training

There are many things responsible for the shortage of human resources for blockchain businesses. One of them is the limited number of training programs available. Consequently, businesses in this industry need to make up for this shortcoming by having a well-grounded internal training program.

This program should be periodic and should not only focus on common themes like discussing the goals of the company. General basics like cryptocurrency and blockchain history should be taught as well.

On the whole, recruits need to properly understand their tasks in the company, and your company’s training is supposed to make sure of this. Do not work with the assumption that recruits already know all these things.

Moving Fast and Smart

The law of demand and supply plays out in this industry. There is an insufficient supply of human resources and exceeding demand for the same. As a consequence, players in the industry are always scrambling for available human resources.

As a result, you do not have the luxury of time as a player in the industry. You need to act fast and with precision. You cannot afford to be as picky as businesses in many other industries. This is not to say that you have to settle for mediocrity. Rather, it is to say that you need to act fast even while acting smart.

Looking Towards Related Industries

blockchain industry

It would be out of place to say the industry is a new one. It is not as ancient as many other industries but it has been around for a while. But many people are yet to have a full grasp of what the industry is about and this tells on the amount of available human resources.

One of the ways to deal with this unfortunate narrative is to consider recruiting from related industries. This would mean doing more in training your recruits on the peculiarities of blockchain technology. Some of the related industries to look to as the experience of some successful businesses in this industry has shown include:

  • The financial market – Especially stock traders as their experience with stocks can come in handy trading cryptocurrency
  • Fintech sales marketers
  • Information Technology professionals – Especially software developers

There is no doubt that this means you will have yourself raw instead of finished talents. However, you will also have raw talents with huge potential. If you would like to know more about blockchain careers and who may fit in, you can read this article.

Plan for Departures

The scramble for human resources does not stop at recruiting new talents. Some players are known to be more ruthless by making moves to poach talents from competing companies.

Offering good working terms and conditions is one of the ways to deal with this possibility as much as you can. But even at that, it is still a possibility. Therefore, you should make plans for departures. A serious-minded company cannot afford to make any of its workers irreplaceable.

Therefore, there must be a strategy in place to continuously train people. You should have more than one or two hands that can perform specific industry-related tasks.

Work with a Good Blockchain Recruiting Company

As hard as finding the right workers for blockchain businesses are, some companies do a good job at it. They are top-tier blockchain recruitment professionals.

It is a wise move to work with them for recruitment, training, and even drafting working terms and conditions. You can visit theblockchain for more about this.


There are secrets to finding capable hands to run your blockchain business as hard as it is. We have gone over some of them here and players in the industry need to take them seriously going forward.

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