Reddit Marketing : How to get 10,000 Pageviews and High PR dofollow backlink from Reddit

Reddit Marketing

Do you know Reddit is one of the largest and most diverse online community. Reddit is filled with millions of people who have separated themselves into various subreddits based on their interest. As I know there is a subreddit that applies to apply to every kind of business. Now a days most social media marketing is a grind. With Facebook, you always have to spend some bucks to get likes, and this likes are of no value as Facebook is killing organic reach of business pages.

It’s very tough for a small business, blog, marketer to Log on to Facebook, Twitter and drive 10,000+ page views a month from beginning until you have huge cash to spend.

Reddit Marketing

What is Reddit, and Why should you use it ?

Reddit is very different among all other social media, it is quite simple. Reddit is a platform where people share interesting things they find on internet. When something is submitted it will get  “Upvoted” or “Downvoted” As any submission get some upvotes, it will be over the “Hot” Page.

It depends on number of upvotes you get, whether your submission will go to the Hot page of subreddit or across the Hot page of whole site.

NB : In short more upvotes your submission get, more visibility it gets.

Difference between Reddit and other social platforms, is with very few submissions you get insane traffic, immediate access to users. Suppose you have a post and you think it will go viral, when you shared that post on Facebook only few people your friends, fans will have access at first or You can buy ads on Facebook and still a fraction amount of people will have access to it for whom you will pay.

No one else is going to have access to it until, your post get likes, comments and shares. Sames goes with twitter, when you tweet something it will be visible to your followers and out of them only few will see it.

Reddit is different anyone can submit anything from anywhere. There are some rules and regulations which are there but are not applicable until you post something stupid. Every post have to be submitted in subreddits (Sub-Communities), and the front page of reddit gathers the best post among the whole submission from the most popular subreddits. So it means, whenever you post something, you have immediate access to all the users of subreddits, although you need upvotes to have more visibility. This is the reason I say “Reddit is the Best Viral Engine in existence”.

[Tweet "Reddit Hug of Death" when a site hits front page of Reddit, it immediately get destroyed"]

Best Practice for Reddit Marketing :

There are few key points you should keep in mind when marketing on Reddit :

1. Be relevant : Submit your content on relevant subreddits for more visibility.

2. Provide Value : Reddit is all about providing value to users, if you think you will submit your link to landing page and get upvotes, then you are wrong.

3. No tricks, No tactics : Reddit works on totally different algorithm so any trick will not work in getting your post on front page.

Social Ground Rules Of Reddit : Reddit Marketing

1. Reddit hates Self Promotion :

Reddit users don’t like to feel like you are selling something to them. They hate if you are using Reddit to generate traffic, even they don’t like marketing teams on Reddit. So make sure no one get to know you are promoting your blog on Reddit.

General rule that work on Reddit marketing is that you should submit one link out of ten from your website. The actual users of site will go through your profile and downvote if they found you are using Reddit for self promotion.

2. Reddit loves to ban people :

Reddit have zero tolerance policy when it comes to ban peoples. Even if they got small hint someone is spamming the site, they will ban that person without notice – no question asked. It can even go worse if that account is associated with any website, they will sometime ban that website from ever appearing on Reddit. All they need is any user to report you, that’s all.

Some stuffs which get banned :

  • Submitting same content to various subreddits multiple times
  • Submitting only links to your blog
  • Asking for upvotes or any kind of votes manipulation
  • Posting anyone personal info

 3. Reddit is smarter than any other social platform :

Reddit is the 1st and one of the best community which gives high value to intelligence. Smart and Good Content reach the top but gathering thousands of upvotes, while Dumb content don’t even pass the first couple of Reddit users.

Reddit users pride themselves by awarding Reddit gold and various trophies for being smart.

4. Long Titles with tons of information work best :

Even I don’t know why but long title which provide lot of information about the content work the best and comes in front page of Reddit. Reddit provide 300 words space for title which is enough to explain and write full sentences.

So Write Long Title and include numbers if possible. Be honest try to be natural avoid sounding like marketers. Below are some of the examples which work best :

  • Keegan Michael Key of “Key and Peele” kills it as Luther with the real Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

  • My friend had to triple check with the groomer to make sure he was bringing home the right dog.

  • TIL that at the height of Shirley Temple’s popularity there was a rumor that she was not a child, but a 30-year-old dwarf. The rumor was so prevalent that the Vatican dispatched Father Silvio Massante to investigate whether or not she was actually a child.

Redditors try to sound like they are talking and sharing to people not business, so try to be like a redditor.

5. There is subreddit for everything :

There is subreddit for everything whether you are a reader (r/Books) or Gamer (r/Gaming) there is a subreddit for everything. All this subreddits have many users where thousands of people are online seeking for best content.

There are subreddits for engineering, funny, gifs, random thoughts, jokes etc there are many many subreddits.

6. You need a decent natural profile :

If you don’t want to get banned from Reddit, then you have to create a natural looking profile. Making natural profile doesn’t make your link stronger but it will save your from getting penalized.

Actual individual users of Reddit check your profile, to check you are not spamming the site. If they found you are spamming they will post comment on your post and report you.

It doesn’t take enough time to create a natural looking profile, just follow these rules :

  • A few hundreds of karma
  • Dozen of good comments
  • Few week of age of your profile
  • Dozen of site submission to Reddit but not of your website.

Technical Ground Rules of Reddit : Reddit Marketing

1. Upvotes determine If a link is nofollow or dofollow :

It took me a lot of time to figure it out, how some sites are getting do follow links from Reddit but some didn’t able to get dofollow links from it.

When you 1st post a link to Reddit it will nofollow after getting certain number of upvotes it turned to dofollow.

Here is an example below :

These links are dofollow and they have few upvotes too.

Reddit Marketing


While this links are nofollow with no upvotes

reddit marketing

In most of the subreddit, a submission need only 5 upvotes to change from nofollow to dofollow link. While in some of the subreddits it took more than 5. Same work for the comments.

There are some exceptions too : Reddit automatically turn links to dofollow for authoritative sites like Google, YouTube.

2. There are two types of posts on Reddit :

Basically there are two types of post on Reddit Link posts and Text posts. Link posts are only the links to external websites while text posts hosted on Reddit.

Result of both kind of post are different :

  1. If you want traffic, link posts are the best.
  2. If you want do follow High PR links, then text posts are best (In next post I will explain, how to get do follow backlink from high pr Reddit pages).

3. Only upvotes from real, aged users seemed to work :

In initial days I tried to manipulate Reddit upvotes, but I got banned immediately but I learned few things. To get upvotes I have create 10 profile to upvote my submitted links, but it seems to work from my end only but to the rest of the world, they will neither appear at all.

So creating bunch of fake account to get upvotes, will be of no use. You need is a real account to upvote your links naturally.

4. Karma don’t even matter :

Karma in Reddit doesn’t matter at all. It is good to have some karma, but it doesn’t put any effect in success or failure of your posts. So don’t spend time building karma.

In all I would say, if you can learn how to drive traffic from Reddit, then you might end of generating lots of traffic and money from your blog, website.

My Secret of Getting High PR Reddit Dofollow Backlink

I got some High PR dofollow backlinks from Reddit using this secret strategy from last few months and really it work like charm and also it is too easy. Share it to Unlock the way to get do follow backlink from Reddit.

[sociallocker] Basic Principle : You need to create an extremely useful post in relevant subreddit so that it attracts links on it owns. You can also build links to your submitted text post on Reddit, to increase its PR quickly.  Go back and add your link after few days to get dofollow link from it.

NB : You can go through the top post of that subreddit to get some ideas, about what tends to do well.[/sociallocker]

I am not alone who is using Reddit for marketing there are so many, I am also not so successful, there are so many strategies out there one have to try them and found what work best for you. Let me know if you face any issue. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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