Revenue Hits Review- Is it a Good Adsense Alternative?

RevenueHits Review

Nowadays people started realising that they can make real money online from their blogs. Now Blogging has become a great career option and many part time bloggers has turned into full time bloggers making millions of dollar every year.


Do you think earning from blogs is so easy? Is it that much easy to earn real money out of it. Though blogging looks quite great, awesome and easy from outside but only a blogger know how hard it is to earn.

I have seen many bloggers driving millions of traffic but at the end of the day, they are only able to make $10. If you are using Google Adsense then there are many factors that affects your earning whether it is type of ad, traffic location and many such.

We all know Google Adsense is leading ad network over years in Digital Marketing. So it would be really unfair to say that Revenue Hits pay more than Adsense, but undoubtedly Adsense has proved very promising revenue for 1000’s of premium adsense users. This is where RevenueHits come into play, ads from RevenueHits adjust according to the traffic on a website.

RevenueHits is one of the best adsense alternative for those who got disabled with adsense. I have seen many bloggers who solely depends on Adsense and once there account get banned they quite blogging.

What is RevenueHits ?

RevenueHits is an amazing ad network and another best adsense alternative who pays really good. RevenueHits came into existence in year 2008 and since then it delivers around more than 2 billion ad impression on daily basis. It is mainly based in Israel, but has made it presence all over the world. Advance feature of RevenueHits allow you to monetize website, blog, app, widgets and search.

At the highest one can get CPM of upto $30 depending on GEO location, landing page and source of traffic. Some are quite lucky who make really good out of RevenueHits while some fail who drive fake or low quality traffic.

Types of Ad RevenueHits Deliver:

It has various kind of flexible and multiple ads to motetize your blog or app in multiple ways, here we go:

  • Banner Ads
  • Slider Ads
  • Pop Under Ads
  • Shadow Box
  • Top Bar Ads
  • Button Ads
  • Footer Ads
  • Interstitial Ads

RevenueHits Ad Types

It will depend on your preference what kind of ad you are choosing and you can choose one. But it will solely depend on performance of your ad, therefore you have to make sure that it converts the traffic what advertiser demands. If you didn’t able to convert your blog traffic then, I am pretty sure it will affect your earning. But the best part is it accept traffic from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter what type of website, blog you have, RevenueHits will show ads on the basis of traffic you will bring rather then advertiser needs. Since it is Geo Targeted Ad network, it will adjust according to the traffic your blog get not according to advertisers.

How to Register for RevenueHits?

If you have ever applied for Google Adsense or Media.net then, you know how hard it is to get there approval, you have to wait for them after then only you can start earning from it.

Even after doing lots of hard work, the worst thing is your application can be rejected. But with RevenueHits there is no such problem. Because there is no such requirement RevenueHits want, any blogger can join it any time and start making money from 1st day itself.

Sign Up and Get RevenueHits Publisher Account

If you had started a new blog, I would suggest you to wait for few weeks before applying for any ad network. So that you can build a loyal follower base to get regular traffic.

RevenueHits Referral Program

Recently RevenueHits has introduced referral program, which is really better an amazing way even if you don’t have high converting traffic you can refer those bloggers and can earn commission from there earning.

RevenueHits Affiliate Program

Features of RevenueHit Affiliate Program:

  • Each publisher you will refer will be registered under your name
  • For a Publisher with monthly earning upto $1500, you get 5% off his earning
  • For a Publisher with monthly earning more than $1500, you get 10% of his earning

So what you have to do is, refer the best publisher and earn while you sleep.

Get RevenueHits Affiliate Account

How Do I get Paid?

You can get paid once you have earned $20 as it is the minimum threshold, if compared to Google Adsense it is quite less. In between if you get banned you lose all your hard earned money.

Once you have earned $20 you can take your payment out in three possible ways:

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Wire Transfer

To be frank I am quite impressed with the features of RevenueHits and how it operates and give more equal importance to publisher as well as advertiser.

Do I recommend RevenueHits Ad Network to my Friends?

Yes of-course, I will recommend this ad network to everyone. It has got pretty much good features that a ad network should have. Not only that it is lot easier with all in one dashboard from where you can manage Ad Placement, Check Reports, Payments and Referral.

You can’t make money online or blogging until an unless you get high converting traffic, even the best ad network can’t help you in that case.

If you are using it, let me know how much money you are making with it in comment box below.

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