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wix homepage

If you are still in a dilemma about whether WixStores is the best eCommerce platform then you’ve come to the right place. You need not worry – it is unexpectedly the best one available in the market to power up your online store, especially for small business owners. WixStores is a recently launched platform by Wix.com, which was developed keeping in mind all the needs of small business owners. Numerous people already have experience with Wix.com, which is known for offering the best free website building hosted platform online as well as its rich features. It also allows small business owners with the flexibility of selecting an appropriate template with design-tweaking capabilities. This is especially beneficial for “non-coders” who really don’t like many of the WordPress themes, which are generic as well as limited.

wix homepage

WixStores features a drag-n-drop interface, which is really smooth as well as simple to use. They have numerous features, which definitely compete with other online store builders including Shopify. Though most people have probably already heard of Wix.com, and know it’s available at an affordable price,they might still be confused about its eCommerce tools. Is it actually worth it for building an online web store? We are moving fast forward with the technology and so is the eCommerce world. So, it is quite important to choose the best and right website builder online from among the multiple ones available.

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Highlights of Wix.com – the free website builder

wix site templates

  • It does support more than 100+ beautiful and colorful templates and every user will be able to find the best suitable choice, which suits their needs to the fullest
  • It has got the maximum flexibility, which does includes the drag-n-drop menu which proves to be easy to use when inserting content and images anywhere on your eCommerce website
  • It does provide users with comprehensive support including forums, email, a help center, FAQs, and phone calls
  • Free hosting

WixStores is the best suitable choice for you only if your top priority is to create an interactive and a beautiful eCommerce website. It will give the best result of a professional looking website, which will actually be designed by you!

Reasons to choose WixStores

  • It does provide businesses with more than 100+ professional looking templates, which are really beautiful and professional looking. These templates can actually help you get started with a beautiful design for your online web store.
  • Although there are other simple eCommerce website builders available in the market, WixStores is actually the best one due to its intuitive interface. It does feature an HTML5 drag-n-drop interface, which is quite intuitive. The editor allows users to move design objects anywhere around the page.
  • There are product galleries, which displays the products. You can set up separate product pages for each and every item in order to educate potential customers easily and in a better way. After clicking on a product from the product gallery, the product page will pop up.
  • It does have an ability to accept payments in all forms including offline and online through Authorize.net, PayPal.
  • In order to create a mobile optimized store, users don’t have to do anything extra. Wix.com will automatically generate a mobile optimized version of your online web store.

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App Market of Wix

Wix app market

Wix provides its users with an App Market, which provides numerous advanced tools in order to easily grow your website. It supports tons of apps that users can easily integrate within their Wix website. The apps in Wix App Market include tons of advanced tools as well as services, which help enhancing your site, followed by helping in to build a more better and a functional web store. Moreover, these apps feature a hassle-free installation with just 1-click. These apps even allow users in adding advanced features to enhance their online web store including contests, newsletters, live chats, pricing tables, testimonials and much more.

Is it worth paying for WixStores?

Off course, Yes! It is worth to pay for creating functional and attractive eCommerce website without even having knowledge about coding. The price is a lot cheaper than you would pay a professional developer. Firstly, it is available for free to try where you can spend a little time testing and using it in and out before committing yourself with its paid version. It does has different levels of packages and pricing and the eCommerce plan has one of the two options:

  • VIP yearly plan comes out to be $24.90 per month
  • eCommerce year plan comes out to be $16.17 per month

Final Words

Overall, it does feature all the eCommerce capabilities, which are required by every small business when creating and managing their online web store easily. In terms of design and presentation, WixStores is the best suitable option available and is a great platform to present one’s eCommerce web store online. It does give the users more creative freedom.The design templates are simply awesome and look really attractive. In order to make your online web store look good on any mobile device, you just need to design your website and a mobile version is automatically generated.

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