Ringing in the New Year with the Hottest Business Trends

Business Trend 2018

The most successful trends come from the innovation of businesses trying to do the best for themselves and their customers. Every year, new ideas are rebuilt from the ashes of last year’s experiences. The feel of 2018 includes more technology, more security, and a faster pace than ever before. Some jobs will be machine-oriented, while the population overall seeks a deeper human connection.

Technology and Banking

Technology will take a bigger role in the new year, which is possibly one of the most exciting moves yet. Artificial intelligence will become more prominent, with more machines replacing humans. The machines will also become smarter, recognizing a customer’s preferences, and remembering customer details, similar to a real human employee. Banking will become faster, but there will be added awareness regarding the issue of cybersecurity. The parameters of obtaining financial support for your business may change, especially as new tax laws take effect. The cloud will turn more toward microservices, and virtual reality will become more widespread.

Customer Interactions

As artificial intelligence continues to inundate customer service, the customer interaction will change. Last year witnessed a swing in customer interactions, from a desire for computer interactions to a desire for direct human connection. Surprisingly, these two points merge seamlessly. Businesses are using more social media and technology to create a human connection. Do not underestimate the value of the live video for immediate customer connections. Consider community events and interact with customers as a business owner on a regular basis. Artificial intelligence will continue to overtake human jobs, but humans will still crave old-fashioned interactions. Mixing the two successfully will be an interesting challenge for 2018.

Working Remotely Rises

Ironically, as humans are requesting more real interaction, more are beginning to work from home. According to a Gallup poll, 43% of all Americans work from home at least part time. This trend is expected to continue through 2018. People are increasingly able to support an at-home office, and if the employee does well at home, many employers are willing to let it happen. Working at home saves both the employee and employer money overall, and is something to consider as a possibility in the coming year.

Running a business is never a sprint; it is always a slow crawl with a slight learning curve. Knowing what to expect, and what to embrace, every year is a natural part of business growth. Get ready for 2018, and embrace the changes that work best for your business.

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