RocketVPN REVIEW: Best VPN App For Android

RocketVPN 2016 Best VPN app for Android

The Internet has become a ubiquitous term in the millennium. It is vast, broad and all-encompassing. The benefits are plenty, but serious questions about security do arise. Whenever connecting to an unknown network we are worried about how fastened that connection is. A VPN solves these worries and fears. VPN or a Virtual Private Network secures your connection over the internet. How? It extends a secure private network over the Internet. The data you send from your network is delivered through a point-to-point network to the intended recipient only. It uses a lot of encryption mechanisms to keep your connection safe from falling into the wrong hands. So be it accessing content that is not available in your country or organization, or to safeguard the secrecy over the Internet, VPNs are to the rescue.

A VPN doesn’t support broadcast domains and uses tunneling. So in pure terms that means you can spoof an IP address or keep it hidden.

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RocketVPN Review: Best VPN App For Android

RocketVPN is an app that is designed for Android users. This can be used to encrypt your data for better security or to stay anonymous over the internet. The advantages of RocketVPN are many. You get to access the content that has been restricted to your geographical area. It is very much secure with all the ideal properties of A VPN. It keeps your data safe from intruders, eavesdroppers, and third party networks. And you get total anonymity over the internet. That’s right; nobody can track your IP address down. The app is easy to install and all the easier to use.

How to Use

  1. Download and install the app from Google Play Store.
    RocketVPN Review 2016
  2. Make a connection between your VPN and RocketVPN by clicking on the dialogue box that asks for a link.
    RocketVPN 2016 Best VPN app for Android
  3. Then, a set of provided areas will be shown. Pick the one that is nearest to you.
  4. That’s it! You will be connected to the requested location. To disconnect, click on disconnect any time you wish.
    RocketVPN 2016 Best VPN app for Android

RocketVPN has a size of about 20M, and it has been downloaded by many users around the world. The app runs on any Android device with version 4.0.3 or above. So now that you have it get hassle sovereign experience on the internet. For downloading and online streaming, RocktVPN gives excellent services. With the free version, 500 MB access is allowed for a month. And if you wish to be a regular user, get the monthly data pack which gives you unlimited data for $2.99 or at $29.99 for a year.

Bottom-line, RocketVPN can take you a little closer to being a smart browser

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