Saving Money on Your Mobile Contract

Saving Money

Getting the best contract is not just about the phone, it is about getting the best for your money. At Fonehouse we like to make sure our customers are spending wisely and are often asked how to make sure the right handset and contract are chosen.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started when you get a new contract.

Cheap is Not Always Best

Buying the cheapest contract is often the first thought when selecting a new phone. However, this is potentially an expensive trap to fall into.  Your contract will include your allowances of calls, texts, and data. If you have a contract that turns out to be less than your usage you will be paying a premium for anything that exceeds the allowances.  It is essential to try and get a measure of actual usage patterns and getting a contract that exceeds the average. That way if you end up going over the norm you remain within the limits of your allowances and are not charged extra.

Pick Your Contact Length Well

Most deals offer varying contract lengths generally between 12 and 36 months. The reward you get for signing up for a more extended contract is a cheaper monthly price so it can be tempting to sign up for the longest.  However, that could mean you are stuck in a contract you don’t want for much longer than you wish. The more sensible plan is to pick something in the middle that will actually work for your future plans. Most people don’t think to consider cancellation fees, but they are a thing and usually quite expensive. 18 months is quite a suitable length as you will find an excellent choice of newer handsets at the end and it is a realistic period to be tied into.

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Where Are You Calling

This might sound like a strange question, but it is valid. Internationally calling is not always given a high allowance, so if you are needing to make lots of calls abroad, you need to make sure you have taken a contract that has a good allowance for this. Otherwise, you are back in the realm of expensive charges for going over contract each month.  The same applies for data allowances, so it is worth considering your actual phone use habits before making any decision and if you are unsure you can ask for help from staff or chat facilities to make sure you are making the best choice.

High Streets Often Charge More

The thing with the high street store is they have more overheads than online sites.  They also have staff that works on commission. This means that the team wants the best sale they can get, as this is how they make their living.  Online sites do not operate in the same way, although there is staff on chat to help with queries the sale does not belong to anyone and the staff is not on commission. So while you cannot see the phones, you will potentially get a more suitable contract than in the store.

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