Scientific Interpretation of the Housing Logo Review

The new logo is a symbolism of the company’s vision “to help the world live better” and march into the future armed with optimism and innovation. The logo icon is an inverted ‘V’ shape with the two bars of the ‘V’ at an angle of 90 degrees. The icon has a sharp head and rounded inner curves. It signifies shelter as well as a way to move forth into the future. However the icon may mean many things, but for an organization that is known for its technological innovation, what importance does it hold? Review

What does Look Up Mean in

The new icon is merely a representation of the new found spirit of the company. No longer is a technology company whose inner workings are a part of a part of the “black box” that cocoons its image. review

The company now appears in myriad colors, exhibiting spirit and a lucid view of things to come. The ‘Look Up’ symbol reflects the same traits; only with more vigor and recall value. The symbol has been created at a time where is merely two and a half years old. However the company is ready to take the next big step and therefore has revealed itself in its new avatar to the world. It has created a mission to help people live better. Its mission is to improve upon its own prowess by a factor of ten. It intends to use its forward thinking and skillful world view to innovate and never let anything-including success-dampen its efforts to build a new future in lifestyle and house search. The portal has invited everyone to be on a similar journey as the company is. Just like it questions the norms, it persuades people to question their lives and find a higher purpose. It invites them to push their personal envelopes and explore all options, whether it is in terms of a house or living.

Both these attitudes are combined in the ‘Look Up’ symbol. The arrowhead marks a piercing entry into the future. The inverted ‘V’ or the canopy shape signifies shelter. The 90 degree angle is symbolic of the housing style of photography. It depicts how a 90 degree angle is created when a photograph of a building is taken from below.

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90 Degree Interpretation

The 90 Degree(Right angle) is a rarity in nature. The ‘Look Up’ symbol incorporates this angle to exhibit rarity. It sets apart from its competitors, whether it is in terms of photography or approach towards problem resolution. It depicts efficiency, like the thumb is at right angles to the fingers. It depicts performance and an ability to break barrier- similar to the wing sweep of aircraft which is easily able to cross Mach 1 when the swept angle is 45 (90 degrees to one another). It exhibits technological advance- like a road curving to the right; or a bridge that is held sturdy-something that can only be achieved by the use of engineering technology. The symbol indicates evolution, an aberration from the norms, a change in the way one looks at things. And yet it posits an onward movement; decrying stagnancy.

In Conclusion

Therefore, whenever you see the ‘Look Up’ symbol, you know that invites you to explore and live the life that is best for you.

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