Sea Change – 6 Things To Consider Before Moving To The Beach

Things To Consider Before Moving to Beach

Living near the beach is a dream for a lot of people. Unfortunately, many of these people fail to consider the quirky and not-so-nice aspects of coastal life. 

From tranquil Aussie beach towns like Torquay to the vibrant energy of LA’s Venice Beach, life on the coast can seem like it’ll solve all your problems. Whether you’re moving across the state or the globe, however, a sea change is a big commitment that will transform your life in many unexpected ways. So, before you send all your gear to sunny Australia and start looking for builders in Torquay, keep the following factors in mind.

1. Weird Things Wash Up on Shore

While living at the beach is relaxing and laid-back, it comes with its fair share of excitement. Strange and wonderful things wash up on shore from time to time, and it’s amazing to see what the sea does to these everyday items. 

Some of the stranger things that have washed ashore include broken spacecraft pieces, gaming systems, and messages in bottles. Some of this stuff travels hundreds of miles underwater before finally landing on the beach.

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2. Trash on the Sand

While your love for the beach and ocean may be endless, many people fail to realize or care about the impact they have on the environment. It’s not uncommon to find trash and recyclables littering the sand along the beach, left behind by irresponsible individuals. So, if you’re a beach-lover, be prepared to spend time picking up after other people. 

3. Falling Coconuts

Coconut Falling on beach

This may sound like a scene from a cartoon, but it’s an actual problem on some beaches. Coconut trees are part of the attraction, but watch out for falling coconuts as their rapid descent is akin to the force of one metric ton! If you decide to move to the beach, be sure to stay away from those coconut trees as you never know when a ripe one will come down. 

4. You’ll Need to Buy New Clothes

This aspect of living near the beach is often a gradual change. If you’ve lived in a cold climate before moving to the beach, this unexpected adjustment might cost you a pretty penny as you switch out your cold-weather clothes for more appropriate beachwear. In fact, it probably won’t be long before most of your wardrobe is beach attire. 

5. The Risk of Sunburn

Another culture shock if you’ve lived in a cold climate is the constant risk of sunburn. This is especially true if you move to Australia. Applying sunblock, wearing appropriate sun-blocking clothing, and staying in the shade will become as natural as breathing once you’ve acclimated to life on the beach. Of course, it may take a few nasty sunburns before you learn this lesson. 

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6. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

If you’ve only visited the beach a few times in the past, you likely avoided this negative aspect of beach life. Tropical storms can crop up quickly and hurricanes are a recurring threat. These weather occurrences can cause untold damage and loss of life, which means you must take certain precautions if you live near the beach. For example, you may need to install stronger windows and doors on your home and ensure your yard is always hurricane-ready

Many people dream of living by the beach, but few understand the weird and sometimes dangerous aspects of this type of life. Whether you’re considering making a sea change to the coast in Australia or some other tropical port, be sure you’re aware of the aspects of beach life mentioned here.

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