Secret Of Ranking Your Any Fiverr GIG at TOP!

Secrets Of Ranking any Fiverr GIGS

Do you know there are many sellers who are making $1000+ per month even more from Fiverr only by selling their services and skills. Have you ever thought how they are able to do this ? They get their gigs ranked at the top for their keywords and drive more sales to their gigs. Nobody knows exact algorithm that Fiverr use to rank any gigs, but I will tell you how to rank your gig for any keyword on Fiverr.

Secrets Of Ranking any Fiverr GIGS

Before you go read below strategies I would recommend you to read my previous post in which I had presented some of the gigs which you can use to make money on Fiverr easily without much experience. There are many more gigs you can use to make money just you have to visit Fiverr and check what kinds of gigs are working and what services and skills you can provide.

Revenue Generated by Fiverr

Once you have done everything from setting up your profile to your Fiverr gig get live you need to apply this secret strategy to get your gig at top and get sales flowing in. This has been secret I had been using since last month and was able to make $544 using only 3 gigs. Using this secret you can rank any gig at 1st position for any keyword on fiverr in less than 48 hours for keywords like : “Logo Designing“, “Video Animation” and many more like this.

Here is how I did this :
NB : But before you proceed get your gig live and put a brief description with proper images.

1. Create a Dummy Account on Fiverr :-

Create a dummy account on Fiverr and buy your own gig twice/thrice at least and give good ratings and review. (In this you will only loose $2-$3)

2. Drive Fake Visitors to Your GIG :

If you can drive real visitor that will be great but if you can’t, then you have to send at least 200-250 fake visit/hits. This will boost your gigs impression and will be more visible to buyers who are willing to buy your services.

Visit to My Fiverr Gigs


If you don’t know how to get fake visitors, you can buy some gigs on Fiverr who can provide fake visits to your gigs but don’t overuse them.

3. Use Accurate Tags :

You have to make sure that you are using accurate and appropriate tags for your gigs otherwise you will not be able to rank and also you must include you want to rank for in your Gigs Title and descriptions.

For Example : If you are trying to rank  your gig for Animation Videos or Whiteboard Videos then you should use following tags like :-

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Video Animation
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Whiteboard Animation
  5. Similar tags like above.

I have not promoted my gigs much on social sites or done anything to promote my gigs outside fiverr. I have shared each and everything I had done to make money from fiverr. There are more than 1.5 millions buyers on Fiverr once I rank my gigs I don’t have to promote them because I am already going to get massive exposure to earn money.

Learn more : How to create backlinks and dominate search engines

If you face any problem while ranking your fiverr gigs you can contact me or you can put your queries down in comment below. I would love to help you out in making money from fiverr. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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    1. Hey Tonmoy,

      Good to see you back again here commenting.
      Superb Video are very much popular on Fiverr there are many buyers who want to get whiteboard videos done for $5.
      If you are going for it then I would recommend you to download VideomakerFx for that.


    1. Hey Manish,

      Just try this I had been making good money from it, by ranking for some gigs on fiverr which are being sold most and on daily basis.
      Stay tuned for more

      1. i am a level1 seller on fiverr but i get only 2 or 3 orders in a month. i need guidlines to get top rank

  1. Hey bro.,
    Buying your own gig we would have to spend money and loose some cause we get only 4$ for a gig. Is there any other method to rank them without spending

    1. Hey Adnan,

      Spending Money for your own gig is not a part of ranking. It is only to attract buyers and make them spend money on your gig. If he/she will found good ratings then for sure nobody will gonna deny your offer.

      Thanks for commenting

      1. Hello brother,
        I am a new in fiverr. I am a web designer. When i open a new gig and go to buyer request then i see some sellers offer (do you need web design or eCommerce site by wordpress within $50 in 3 days?) i don’t know how to possible and how show this buyer request and increase his sells. Please tell me

  2. I am using fiverr account. there is benefit to your post its really helpfull me to go to more earning. please if you have tips about Odesk , freelancer share me. thankyou

    1. Hi akshay, Nothing works. things work only when you are getting genuine orders. I am also struggling for getting orders since a long time on fiverr and looking for a strategy how to be on top 🙂 Any way Nice post Suprabhat.

  3. Hi !

    Thanks for these tips. I have a gig that is currently not even showing in the search results. Do you think it would work? I have 71 positive reviews (100%) but I am still not there in the search results. I want to try adding some fake hits but as my gig does not show up in the search results all my pageviews will come from direct traffic and other sources (facebook etc). Will it help to make my gig show up in the ranking? I really don’t know why it won’t show up in it and I woul really appreciate a little help.

    Thanks !

  4. I had placed gigs on fivver long ago but did not earned even a single penny from fivver .

    This is a nice trick to rank our gig , get high exposure and earn good from our gigs.

    I would also like to know that how much maximum fake or boot traffic we should send to our gigs and how many reviews from fake accounts should we give to rank our gigs .

    Thanks for sharing this trick , will surely give it a try once I get my doubts clear.
    Simranjit Singh recently posted…{SECRET REVEALED } Here’s a list of sites from where you can earn doing simple tasksMy Profile

  5. Hi.. now fiverr can trace whether we have fake accounts. i have purchased once and they have disable my fake account.. how to get rid from tracing from it ?

  6. Fiverr is a Global market complex. Here sale starts from 5 dollar On-wards. I noticed while few gig owners are getting sale their products more then thousand times new comers are not able to sale once. The cause here I am sharing a link. Which will help you to gain business from Fiverr. Not only the product description but also SEO factor matters to increase sale in Fiverr.

  7. Hi sir, it was great experience to read your content. I am having a problem with my fiverr gig. I am having just 84% positive rating and cannot make new offers…plz help me out!

  8. Hi
    this my first time of reading your blog post. You ranked first on search engine for the key word I typed on google. This shows you really know what you are doing. I will like you to help me out. I have a fiverr acccount and I make like below 100 dollars monthly and some times in two months. I have more than 25 positive reviews and rating. I have sold close to 38 gigs so far (more than 5 months) that is quite poor. Very poor. I was about giving up on fiverr. I have about 4 gigs. My main gig is article writing and rewriting. I use andriod tablet for these works. Is there a way you can help me out? I really need to start making at least between 200 to 500 dollars monthly. My clients are always happy. i write very well. My reviews are great but the impression is so poor which is why i’m not getting orders at all. I last got order over two weeks ago. I want to become a regular reader of your blog from today. Thanks. I hope to hear from you. Can I email you?

  9. Thanks for this amazing tips. But I still find it hard to rank my gigs, because I am into graphics design, which is a competitive one. I would love if you can really help me to rank my gigs.

  10. Finally I create a article writing gig now ready to buy some fake buyer getting good review …….!
    Thank you for your great article .

  11. Hello suprbhat,

    The info you mention in this post is absolutely right and i was also thinking for the same way but still struggling for ranking my gig on fiverr suddenly stopped so what are main more tips i would like to know more about it please contact me back for the same.


  12. I have no doubt your method will work at least up to some extent. Buying your own gigs does’t look like a huge expense as it will help you gain more sales in the future, but I doubt it is allowed by Fiverr.
    If you follow this method, I think it is against their TOS and you may get banned. Isn’t it?

  13. I have made more than $200,000 from fiverr in less than 6 months by using multiple fiverr accounts channels and accounts supporting each other ( 30 + ) to be the fastest growing company in few months of operation.

    I didnt made money through fiverr but show them the company , website and convert through the website itself.

    You can do countless things from fiverr and can earn millions , it just how you do it.

    1. Anonyx, interesting….
      1. do you use a proxy to sign up with fiverr?
      2. not sure what you mean that you did not made (make) money through fiverr but show them the company… do you mean your company?
      please explain… thx

  14. I seriously need help,i have been on fiverr for over a month without any orders..am getting frustrated…….THANKS ELEANORE

  15. Great article. Well, three days ago I started using Fiverr and within the time I got 14 orders just because I do proper keyword research on Fiverr trending topics

    and another thing is Know the competitions and write catchy headlines.
    if my competitor gives one thing in 5$ I give two things in 5$
    That’s it
    Sachin Nayi recently posted…Xiaomi MIUI 8: Everything You Need To KnowMy Profile

  16. Looks good! But I suggest just to improve your services over time gradually this is the best solution goes great!

  17. Buying fake visits can be detected by Fiverr and this will lead to permanent removal of gig from search results infact idea of making 200 accounts is nothing but a HEADACHE itself
    Also keeping 200 accounts at once from 1 IP can be detected easily and all the accounts will be disable at once. I am a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr since 2 years a Certified SEO expert

    Best way to get a proper attention is Quality of Service
    Positive Feedbacks from Customers
    Broad appeal and Promises

    and Last but not the least -> Traffic (Organic)
    Many people who are busy working on fiverr cannot afford to have a big social circle or even account
    i daily make 10-12 sales so i can’t use any social media in order to promote my gig what i do is
    I have 2 friends each having their fan pages on facebook and twitter respectively.

    I ask them to promote my gig with a short optimized title and eye candy portfolio
    It always works, If you don’t have friends you can buy another gig for $5

    There are a lot of people sharing your gig to 100K followers or even more. Just get 1 real deal and stick to it on monthly basis

  18. Hey suprabhat ,

    I like your article.

    But please can help me? What should i keep my keywords to rank in fiverr

    I am providing Guest Posting services

    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks and regards

  19. I’ve made last 4 month a few more bucks around $3.5k with 5 rating but I can’t yet to follow any strategy..Lately I’m very unhappy bc of zero impression low viewing perday 2/3!! So, what should I do to get my audience again? Do you have any update strategy please?? Thanks in Advance

  20. i am new on fiverr. my gig about flyer poster & banner designing .i get 1.3k view to my gig but its impression is low. 450 only . no buyer request . i need help .

  21. i am an article writer
    brother can you guide me about tags in my gigs?
    for blog writings, for content writing, sports writings, academic writing,
    for these gigs tell me plz the what tags should i use

  22. “Create a Dummy Account on Fiverr :-
    Create a dummy account on Fiverr and buy your own gig twice/thrice at least and give good ratings and review. (In this you will only loose $2-$3)”

    Hi, I want to sell my gigs but not able to do. Please can you help me to do or if you buy my gigs I will pay you. Please help me about this and tell how I will contact with you.

    Best Regards,

    Ruby Islam

  23. Bro !!

    it’s amazing article and you have wonderful experience in fiverr please make any article about upwork or freelancer thanks

  24. Great article, fiverr is very complex market. By apply right strategies you can hit sales. I can help you earn from fiverr.

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