Secrets of the Sale – 5 Simple Sales Hacks That Get Results

Sales Hack

A strong sales strategy is vital to any firm’s success. Depending on your product category and industry, a variety of techniques can be deployed; however there are some tricks of the trade that work effectively across the board. Here are five of the top sales tactics for you to try.

Be Top of Mind

Every business wants to be top of mind when prospective customers need their products or services. A great way to achieve this brand awareness is to provide them with promotional products.

A product that will add value to your customer’s life and is in line with your brand values can be a highly effective sales tool. Your distribution method will depend on your business model, your target customer base and your goal; if you wish to engage with current customers, a branded gift with purchase can be beneficial, if you want to reach new potential clients then a broader distribution strategy is required.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

When it comes to advertising, you will get more bang for your buck by targeting a specific audience. Marketing collateral is designed to convey information about your product or service, and people will not engage with that information if it isn’t relevant to them.

Ensuring that you have quality collateral will help bring you new business, while also making it easier to communicate the benefits of choosing your company over another to your current customers, but you need to distribute this message to the right audience.

Know Your Product

Product knowledge is critical to any sales pitch. All sales reps and other customer-facing employees need to be well informed of the product range, key features, and technical details.

If you aren’t confident in your product, your customers won’t be either. Staff should be able to discuss the benefits, specifications, and maintenance instructions with customers in a clear and concise manner.

Build Rapport

Staff should also strive to build a good rapport with clients. Building long term relationships with your customers will ensure repeat business and brand loyalty. The first step is to be friendly and attentive to what your client is saying. It will help you to understand your client’s needs and how the product or service will benefit them, and allow you to offer better advice and assistance. This rapport will help you to stand out from your competitors next time that the client needs something.

Put the customer first.

It should go without saying, but offering high levels of customer service will make it far easier to retain current customers and win new ones. Consider what you can do to provide a comfortable environment, how to make product inquiries or returns more accessible for the client, and what services you could provide that your competitors may be lacking. Customer loyalty programs are also worth considering.

The art of selling your product or service will always be a fickle one. Consumers’ wants and needs are constantly changing and your strategy needs to evolve with these desires of you’ll find yourself forgotten like last weeks leftover Chinese.

The tactics outlined above are so effective because you can apply them to almost any situation, but you will still need to provide a quality product that fits your customers’ requirements. Ensuring that your product is relevant, employing these tips and having a good company culture will allow you to go far.

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