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SeedingUp Review: Sponsored Posts For Your Blog & Social Media

How To Make Money Blogging SeedingUp Review

Now a days it has been quite easy to make money online from blogs with sponsored posts. Initially you needed to have fairly active blog with insane amount of traffic. But now a days advertisers are looking for blogs which have more targeted traffic rather than huge diverged traffic.

So I recommend every newbie blogger to start focusing on 1-2 topic initially to drive targeted traffic and soon you will start making money in some way whether it is sponsored posts, review, affiliate marketing or Google Adsense.

Seeding Up ReviewWhat is SeedingUp?

SeedingUp is a self service marketplace between advertisers and publishers, it acts as a intermediary between the two. The whole idea behind is to create offers for various areas of blogs and social media profiles, set the price and if advertiser is interested he/she will make an offer for that space.

Publishers have the ability to accept or reject the offer at the end of the day. It is one of the best platform to make passive income from blogs and social media.


Good Features of SeedingUp:

  • The platform actually does all the crawling to figure out your numbers.  No need to go and try to figure things out yourselves or having to authorize connections with social media accounts or your Google Analytics.
  • Being a publisher on SeedingUp is completely free and you have the whole control of your blog and social media.
  • Offers you get are completely based upon on your terms and what is expected by you. Advertisers respect your interest in placing no follow links.
  • “Set it and Forget” type of platform it means you just have to tell the world that you accept Sponsored Posts and remaining work will be done by advertisers.
  • Low Threshold for Payouts i.e $4.
  • They work with major publishers like Forbes & Huffington Post, which cost in $1000. Your payout chances always depends on search metric value – there is a special algorithm which works behind it.
  • Every blogger can ask for an individual price, if he/she is not happy with price change.

Bad Features of SeedingUp:

  • User Interface might be the frustrating part of the platform for a new user. It is outdated and not user friendly. At 1st you will be lot confused as what you need to do but after few try you will start getting little bit clear.
  • There is no tutorial at the beginning, which can help you out in what to do and how to do.

How To Get Started With SeedingUp – Review

There are few things you need to do, to setup your profile and starting receiving offers from advertisers. Lets have a look:

Step 1: Setting Up your Profile

Setting SeedingUp profile is quite easy, follow the below steps

  • Enter your personal details like: Name, Company, Email, Address etc.
  • Now you need to enter your Payment Details like: PayPal email ID, Skrill ID.
  • After that choose some program you want to participate in.

Step 2: Creating Your 1st Order

Even though you have specified yourself as a publisher, still you have to create offer to fill out your profile information with blog url, social media profile url etc.

  • Click on Publisher tab, then click on (+) button in offer section beside any of the offers on left side.
  • Then fill out all the details like: Blog Url, Language, Category etc.
  • At the bottom of the page you will get option to choose which offers you are interested in joining Example: Blog Posts, Advertorial, Video Marketing, Infographic and Press Release.
  • After clicking on Continue, next step is to set the price for a particular offer. To do so, simply move the slider to determine the price you particularly like to charge.
    SeedingUp Review Create Offer

NB: Your offer will be reviewed and you’ll get an email within a day or two day whether it is approved or not.

Step 3: Create More Offers

Now you know how to create your 1st order, create more and more different offers to get started getting orders from advertisers. Create Text link offers, Post Link and Presell page offers.

You can also create Social profile offers, you just have to add your social profile links and remaining part will be done by the platform.

Step 4: Review and Accept Booking Request

Whenever any advertiser will make an offer to you, you’ll get an email telling you about the offer. After that Log in to the platform and review the offer what they wanted to do. If you like the offer accept it or else you can reject if you don’t like.

SeedingUp Review Paid Offer

You will get some time limit to finish the whole work. Once you are done with the work, submit your work URL and SeedingUp crawler will determine whether it meets advertisers requirements or not.

Step 5: Cash Out

Once payment is ready, you will get another email telling that a publisher credit is available in your account.

  • Then Log in to your account, Click on “Credit Notes” from the drop down at top.
  • Once you have credit in your account, you will be able to see a button for cash out.
  • Click on it, you will get paid via PayPal instantly.


SeedingUp is one of the best platform for newbies blogger who want to start making some quick money from there blog. If one own some good social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, One can create multiple offers and bank some more money from advertisers.

Give it a try and let me know What is your experience with SeedingUp in comment below. Do share this on your social circle to help your friends in making money.

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