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Many of the all-in-one SEO tool may dig a hole in your pocket and is not a valuable purchase for anyone other than professionals and experts in the industry. If you are one among the relatively new bloggers, content creators and internet marketers who are looking to get an all-in-one SEO solution without spending a lot, then you must give the Serpstat SEO tool a shot.

Despite being a new SEO tool in the market, the Serpstat SEO has recently gained a lot of popularity from beginners and professionals alike mainly due to the fact that Serpstat offers almost all the most needed SEO tools within a very pocket-friendly pricing.

If you are interested to know more about Serpstat and its feature, then below is a review of the important and most talked about features of Serpstat.

Website Analysis:

Website analysis

The website analysis feature of Serpstat allows you to compare your competitor domains as well as specific competing URL with yours.

Using the URL vs URL comparison, you will be able to compare other web pages competing with that of yours in order to find a list of keywords which may include unique  keywords targeted by your competitors. Making use of those keywords in your content will surely help in gaining much higher SERP ranking than your competitor.

You can also make use of the Domain vs Domain comparison, wherein you compare two different domains and get similar results as the URL comparison mentioned above.

Other information that are displayed under website analysis include keywords that your website is ranking for within the top 100 SERP pages of Google, top 20 competitors taken from Google ranking for the same keyword as yours and a tree view that features all of the URL on your domain along with the respective keywords that they are ranking for.

Keyword Analysis:

Keyword analysis

Under keyword analysis, Serpstat offers you with results that list out all the keywords that are present in any web page that you enter. This way, you will be able to find the best keywords possible for your content so as to focus more on them.

You can also give your target keywords as input to find metrics related to those keywords such as its search volume on different search engines, ad campaign performance of the keyword, synonyms based on the keyword, long-tail queries based on the keyword, the recent traffic rise or fall pattern of the keyword and much more.

All the keyword data are taken from various global and country-specific search engines. Several Google country-specific search engines like Google US, Google UK, Google AU are used with more and more country-specific search engines being added on a regular basis.

Backlink Analysis:

Backlink Analysis

You might already know how important backlinks are for the growth of your website. As search engines are regularly updating their algorithms, not all link building techniques work in today’s times and therefore it is important that you keep a track of backlinks created for your website as well the growth in ranks or traffic due to the backlinks so as to analyze whether to continue with the existing backlinking technique or not.

The Backlink Analysis feature of Serpstat allows you to find the total number of backlinks and referring domains to your website. Moreover it also lists out the top pages with the most number of backlinks present on your website along with the anchor text used while linking back to those pages on your website.

All the recently created backlinks referring back to your domain are also visible here, and all the data related to backlinks can be exported and downloaded to your computer in excel format.

Site Audit:

Audit Summary

Serpstat also offers a pretty detailed site audit feature. Performing a site audit on your website will let you identify and analyze all the SEO related errors on your website that includes issues related to duplicate content, meta tags, redirections, page loading speeds, header tags etc.

All the errors that are discovered on your website are prioritized so as to give you a sense on what all errors need a sudden resolution. Once the site audit is conducted, your website is also given a score on 100 and securing a score below 80 means that you need to seriously focus on the on-page SEO factors of your website.



Talking about the pricing of the Serpstat all-in-one SEO tool, there are prices for both personal and business based needs. For personal use scenes, the price varies from $19 till $299 whereas for business purposes, the prices will vary from $19 to $2500.

Serpstat also offers free SEO services in case you are not yet ready to go with its paid offerings. The free SEO services from Serpstat have certain limits like it only offers you to do audit on 100 pages per month for free and only 30 free queries can be made per month.

Apart from that, there is also a 14-days money back guarantee that can be availed in case you are not satisfied with the Serpstat SEO tool.

Final Words:

There are a lot of all-in-one SEO offerings out there and they do cost a lot for a normal content creator or website owner or even for people who have just kick started their online career. This is where Serpstat kicks in with their feature-set and attractive pricing. But do not be fooled, as Serpstat is currently been used by beginners and even industry-leading professionals alike.

So if you are out in search for an all-in-one SEO that will not put a hole in your purse, then the Serpstat SEO tool is what you need!

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