10 Key Strategies to Shoot Awesome Videos Using Your iPhone

10 Key Strategies to Shoot Awesome Videos Using Your iPhone

iPhone has become the camera choice for many photographers. In fact, most of the pictures uploaded on Flickr, Instagram are shot by iPhone only.

If you have got an iPhone, you have got everything you need to make videos, whether it is a science project video, interviews, film making etc. iPhone camera is best according to me as it is convenient to have a small device rather than handling the big DSLR camera.

Taking great photos with iPhone is lot easier than recording good quality video. But one can certaintely make good quality videos with it, even some film makers have done it, but you have to approach it in the right possible way. In this post you will learn from some basics to advance key strategies to shoot awesome videos using your iPhone.

10 Key Strategies to Shoot Awesome Videos Using Your iPhone

1. Clean Your Camera Lens:

It is the 1st and basic step to consider, before you start shooting. Always clean your iPhone Camera lens as it tends to gather dust from outer environment or from your finger.

Clean iPhone camera lens

So make it sure that your camera lens remain clean before you start capturing videos with iPhone.

2. Hold it Steady:

It is extremely important, by this way you can take lovely HD video footage if your camera remain perfectly still. As you see, even a professional camera capture needs a tripod to stand still. If you don’t have any tripod. you can hold it by putting the iPhone on a solid surface like table or ground.

Stablization for iPhone Camera

You can also minimize the shaking of your hand by holding your breath during the shot.

3. Use Good Light:

If you can’t get good light inside your house, then it is the best decision to capture videos out in open. iPhone can take amazing videos and photos but light need to be bright, otherwise you will see many grains on your captured videos and image. If you are filming indoor then try to light up the room using bulb, sunny window, bright curtains and wall colours.

4. AE/AF Lock:

Shoot Awesome Videos using iPhone

Focus is the key to get awesome videos and photos. Like all other smartphone, iPhone camera also tries to refocus all the times. It means there is no steady focus and camera will start focusing on other objects. So the best way to focus on your object is by using AE/AF lock which means Auto Exposure/ Auto Focus. To use this feature long press on any object in your screen, yellow box will appear.

5. Use the Grids:

It is another important thing to consider while capturing videos and images with iPhone. Turning Grids on will help you in bringing your object in centre or anywhere. It will help you in getting the best horizontal and vertical balance in your shot.

6. Shoot Horizontally:

Capturing videos horizontally is the best way to capture high quality videos. As

  • It is much easier to handle in this position
  • You don’t get to see those black annoying sidebar while watching captured video again.
  • Your TV and monitors are also set horizontal not vertical.

7. Use Some Lens:

How to shoot Outstanding Videos using iPhone

Mix it up, try adding up some speciality lens. When you have decided to take more professional videos or images then it is the best advice to use lens to upgrade your Camera quality.

If you are ready to spend some buck get an Optical zoom lens for your iPhone, it will give wider angle and more zoom in capability.

8. Put Your iPhone on Airplane Mode:

Turning Airplane mode on while shooting video will prevent unwanted distraction and interruption also it will help in increasing battery life, hence you can capture more videos.

9. Don’t let Bad Audio Ruin Your Video:

iPhone Mic for Better Audio

Difference between an amateur and professional video production is almost always is the sound quality. Everyone ignore the importance of capturing high quality sound while shooting with an iPhone. Using the built in microphone is not good enough, so it is better to add an microphone to increase audio quality.

10. Always Edit Your Video on Computer:

Although there are plenty of apps available on your iOS store and you can use them to edit videos on your iPhone too. Editing on phone will double or triple your time to create quality videos.
Desktop application are robust and will give your plenty of option to develop a high quality video.

If you will follow all the above 10 tips to shoot awesome videos using your iPhone, your video will look quite different and professional. Shooting high quality videos with iPhone is not tough but moving with right mindset and tools is more important.

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