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How taking Risk made $51,000+ in less than 60 days

How we made more than $51000 in 60 days

Even I was amazed when i heard one small project had made $51365 in just 60 days before Halloween i.e 30th November. It all started with moon faced emoji masks. Do you know why emoji masks are used ? because it made others to crack a smile on face. Smile is worth most now as many of us forget it in our hectic life schedule, studies and office works.

So you might be thinking How it all got started? Right! from the beginning they know that they have limited time of 60 days if they go beyond this limit they would not have earned this much. So they finally decided and started working on their plan of Emoji Masks.

How we made more than $51000 in 60 days

How they Started their Side Project of Emoji Masks

The first thing they need was mask factory who will be producing the emoji masks. So they jumped on Alibaba.com, it is one of the leading platform for Wholesale trade. It helps buyers to find right product and supplier as well as it helps supplier to meet global audience for their products. They had to find more than one supplier as they are on limited time period,After that they sent out detailed description of the product they wanted even without testing sample they had chosen one supplier on the basis of their previous works for mask factories.

Finally mask factory they had chosen for production sent one image showing the mold which is used to create the 1st emoji mask as shown in picture. At right side it is the heart shaped eye mask created with the mold.

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Heart Shaped Emoji masks


After that factory found something unusual with the mask that the dimension which was provided are larger than it should be which made mask impossible to wear and was not looking sound structurally. So finally they decided to reduce the dimension of emoji mask a little to make it better.

As soon as correct size was found and finalized, after few days mask factory sent another photo of molds they had created for mask design which are in picture below.

emoji face mask molds


Finally company ordered 5000 piece of masks each emoji masks 1000 pieces. Factory need 15 days for creating this many masks and 7 days for shipping. Almost we should say a month was used on production of masks.

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Branding of Emoji Masks

As we all know without branding and marketing no business can achieve success rapidly. While the factory was working on production of emoji masks, team members started working on branding. After few discussion among each other they had chosen domain name emojimasks.com which was available as well. After registering domain name they started working on logo, they wanted to have logo which looks funny as well as friendly and at last logo was finalized.

Emoji masks logo


After a month finally mask arrived at their office, but they were little disappointed as the masks were thinner they were expecting and string attached with them were smaller as compared to adult face, they solved this problem by adding an extra string with the mask, finally they planned to sell masks for $5 per piece which is not so huge.

Posing with Emoji Masks


They very next day they decided to setup the store using Shopify. Finally the store completed and it looked awesome.

Launching Day Of Emoji Masks

It was 16th October only 15 days were left for Halloween, their plan was to submit Emoji masks to Product Hunt, it helps to bring out the best product every day. At last they submitted Emoji masks to product hunt and unfortunately they were at the top of it and had got around 20 sales as well.



So launch day ended with the sale of $5000, which was more than they were expectations. At last they were featured on Huffington Post, Cnet, MTV, Seventeen, Hypebeast and many more.

Finally they ended up with all the sales of 5000 masks emoji masks. But major problem they have was shipping all the 5000 masks by hands. 15 more person came to their for helping them reaching out their product as the delivery deadline is Halloween. Even after that they got more sales so they have to order mask factory for more mask but this time a little improved one.

Profit Stats

emoji masks final stats


If you also want to get your own emoji masks get one here >>http://emojimasks.com/

So this was all about How taking risk had helped one side project turning $3609 into $51365. So the moral was taking risk may help you achieve a huge profit or might turn up into total loss. All depend on your plan, product and marketing strategies.

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