Smart Monetization of Blogs using AI-Powered RevenueFlex

Smart Monetization of Blog in 2021 with RevenueFlex

When it comes to the smart monetization of blogs, one may face problems with choosing and setting up ads in the most profitable way without annoying your visitors. Finding the right balance might be a headache sometimes for many publishers especially if they want to spend their time working on the content or building reputation and online presence. Many publishers opt to use google Adsense auto ads and not worry about but soon they realize that it’s not optimal and doesn’t work as well as they thought and they start missing out on monetization opportunities.

As a solutıon Adreact took an approach that helps publishers to get the most of their traffic without affecting the looks and speed of the websites. AdReact, a UK-based advertising company that has more than 6 years of experience in the online advertisement business and being a network of publishers for such a long time they understand the problems and challenges of the publisher from the first-hand experience and that’s why they worked on a project called RevenueFlex.

RevenueFlex - Smart Monetization of blogs and websites

RevenueFlex is a smart monetization product offered by AdReact. RevenueFlex offers a dynamic, flexible, and AI-based approach for ad placement and management. It is designed specifically for most publishers’ needs and requirements to monetize the site without negatively affecting user experience.

How does RevenueFlex do Smart Monetization of Blogs?

RevenueFlex creates automatic ads for each page without affecting or slowing down the loading time of the site. This means that each page will have the appropriate number of ads and ad formats calculated for that page specifically and the algorithm will update continuously to ensure maximum revenue without negatively impacting user experience. This is how RevenueFlex does the automation and smart monetization of blogs.

Moreover, the tool has a built-in header bidding solution which not only provides a competitive approach to the ads showing on the site but also ensures the best fill rate possible with geo-targeted ads from several ad demand providers.

AdReact may offer you RevenueFlex through their own Google account in exchange for a pre-agreed commission rate or you may connect your AdSense account and take advantage of the tool without affecting your already installed ads. It will place additional ads when appropriate as well as making use of the alternative ads.

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Here is the list of features offered by RevenueFlex in more details:

smart monetization of blogs and websites with RevenueFlex
  • Automated ad placement: RevenueFlex provides a better approach for automatic ad placement with more ad density than other tools and without any negative effects to the website.
  • Built-in header bidding solution: More competition means better prices, That is why Revenuflex included this technology in its ads with many ad demand sources to make sure the highest fill rate possible as well as better prices for ad placements.
  • Alternative ad formats: which includes everything from in-read ads to alternative formats such as interstitial, anchor, scroller, footer as well as more varieties of ad sizes.
  • Server-side processing: all heavy work is done on the server-side which means no extra burden on the site or the visitors’ browser and this ensures the integrity and loading speed of the website.
  • Clean ads: RevenueFlex doesn’t use intrusive ad types or formats and the service makes sure that all ads are free of adult or harmful content by only dealing with professional well-known demand partners.
  • AdSense compatible: Publishers with AdSense ads on their site won’t have to worry about the tool being against google’s rules or guidelines since its fully compatible with these ads and the algorithm will recognize these ads and adjust accordingly, moreover, the tool can be used to manage publishers own AdSense and increase their revenue noticeably for free.

AdReact has been experimenting with this tool to do the smart monetization of blogs and websites for months to see how effective and viable the tool is and the results were better than expected, as many sites saw an incremental revenue of more than 20% and reaching even more than 50% in some sites. Of course, this experience might be different from site to site but the beauty of it is that you won’t have strings attached and you can use it or stop it at your convenience whenever you want.

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Case study

case study of smart monetization of blogs and websites in 2021

To determine the effectiveness of this tool Adreact tested it with a website with more than 50 million monthly page views. Within 77 days an increase of about 47% has been noticed only through inRead ads since the tool pick the best demand, format, location, size the incremental revenue started to get gradually better over time until it reaches the optimal setup for each page without affecting the pre-existing ads or the user experience.

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