SMS Services as a Major Way to Connect in 2021

Bulk SMS Services in 2021

New online services change our life dramatically. In recent years, our working environment has had massive changes in terms of technology. New digital solutions pop up pretty quickly and change the way we do business for good. To remain competitive, we have to adapt to the new ways of marketing products and services; among other things, it is an API for receiving SMS messages.

This is a relatively new technique companies adopt to stay connected to their prospects in a few clicks.

Bulk SMS Services

If you still haven’t used business systems in parallel with SMS APIs, your business approach is not up to par with other companies you might compete with. Do you know there are many smartwatches that comes with exciting features, but only the best smartwatch for calls and texts are widely used these days.

For this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best online SMS services provider that facilitate the implementation of business strategies based on SMS.

Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS offers a messaging API that makes it possible to use automated SMS technology via their API. This system reduces the undelivered messages rate and identifies area-friendly phone number formats. You can find phone types, mobile carriers, other features are also available. This system supports registration texts sent via SMS.

Telesign SMS Verify

The API of this service allows verification via SMS services using its REST API. That’s an effective mechanism that you can use for your mobile apps.


Nexmo SMS API allows sending and receiving text messages around the world via REST API. For those companies looking to integrate SMS services into their Android or iOS mobile apps.

It involves several endpoints: sending an SMS, pricing by country code, pricing by the phone number, and then goes the numbers searching.


D7SMS API makes it possible for developers to integrate Direct7 SMS gateway into apps or other software. SMS API of this company can be used for SMS notification and testing purposes. Its API includes 3 endpoints: balance, send, and SendBatch. To use this service, you have to register on its website.


OnlineSIM is the provider of virtual phone numbers. This service allows multiple registrations on social media or any other online platform via virtual phone numbers to receive text messages. It offers two options: free phone numbers and rent individual numbers. You can try out free ones, but other users might already use them, so if anyone has registered via one number, it won’t be available for others.

Individual numbers allow you to receive an unlimited number of SMS messages during a total period as long as you pay for this. So, you can register accounts on Google Ads, Yandex. Direct, or any other advertising platform, or literally any online service via a virtual SMS number.

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