Top 111 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 (Updated)

Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking Site list 2015

Have you been looking for High PR Social Bookmarking sites list of 2023? Here in this post we have created the list of Best High PR social bookmarking sites which will give you do follow backlinks. Do you know Social bookmarking is one of the easiest and best way to get do follow backlinks from high authority sites.

Social bookmarking is the thing which will surely help you to boost many things for your blog like Search engine ranking, Alexa rank and if used properly it will help you in boosting your earning too. Before we proceed here is a small description about social bookmarking websites.

What is Social Bookmarking Website ?

Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking Site list 2015

In brief social bookmarking website is a website where people share and search for blog posts, web pages, videos, Images, press releases that have been bookmarked either by you or by someone else. Technorati, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are the are top best social bookmarking websites. Click here to learn How to get 10,000+ pageviews and high pr do follow backlinks from reddit.

Points to Keep in Mind while using Social bookmarking websites :

There are some key points you need to keep in mind while using social bookmarking sites, this thing will help you get more out of these social bookmarking websites, here are they :

  1. Best part is Social bookmarking sites gives you do follow backlinks but creating excessive backlinks in short time period will lead you to Google penalty, So beware.
  2. Don’t ever share your blog links in any non relevant bookmarking websites.
  3. Keep changing keywords, anchors text and description while submitting your blog post to avoid copied content.
  4. Do not try to spam any bookmarking site, you might get banned by the moderators of these social bookmarking sites.
  5. Try to share blog post of other blogs and website this will help you increase your followers and audience reach.

Remember Search Engine only give importance to do follow backlinks so using Bookmarking sites to get do follow backlinks will be very useful and most of the Social bookmarking sites possess high Page rank, Domain authority .

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Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking Site List of 2023

Now a days it is very common to build backlinks using Social Bookmarking sites if you submit unique fresh quality blog post to these sites then you might get more than a single Curated Links as there are many visitors who will be linking to your content if found useful.

At present there are many social bookmarking sites lists and so many social bookmarking site originate on daily basis but all social bookmarking sites are not so useful. So I am listing down some of the best top do follow social bookmarking sites list of 2023 which I use on daily basis which have good rank and trust among readers and users.

NB : When submit your link to these site make sure that turn visibility to public so that Search engine can access it easily.

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Here is Top 111 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 Working

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This are all those sites which I use personally on daily basis to build dofollow and nofollow links using this Social Bookmarking sites for 2023. I will update this list if I use any new bookmarking site in future. There might be some links which are now attributed as No follow but I had added all of them in the list it will also help you drive referral traffic. You can also use High Pr Directory submission sites to get some quality do follow backlinks Check my list here.

You can bookmark anything from anywhere, but using the best quality social bookmarking sites is very much essential, Concept behind social bookmarking is that to share content with others users across the world, like you use social sites like Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts. But I would recommend you to share articles, blog posts, podcast, press release, infographics and other resources on this social bookmarking sites.

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Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and co-workers. Have a Chat with me in comments below for solving your queries.

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    1. Hey Akshay,

      Yes Social Bookmarking sites are very essential now a days as one need to build links to rank high on search engine for any keywords and Google don’t link black hat link building.
      So I compiled a list of Top Do Follow Social Bookmarking sites list of 2015 which will help each and every blogger to rank high on SERP.

      Thanks for commenting
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  5. Hi,

    Its a great list. But some of them are not working. Please check marylandala(.)info and spapads(.)info are not working and you can remove them from the list.

    Anyway, it is very useful to me.

    Thanks, Keep writing good posts.
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    I want to give you big thanks, because today I done my domain 100 instance backlinks, this is make possible by your great website list.
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    Good2to be here again after a bit gap,
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    I do share there via the share button placed in my page . this post is an alert to recheck the sharing and its benefits. I am sure this will be a bookmarking post to many bloggers like me i will come back again to check more.

  8. Really good bookmarking sites for Seo.Bookmarking is still good way to create backlinks thanks for sharing a great list of bookmarking sites list.Hope this list helps my website to gain more links to boost my Ranking.

  9. Thanks for sharing..! Actually, I have over 100 social bookmark sites in my list but I never update those list. You know..? Last month, I have open my list and try to do bookmarking for my new post. I found some bookmark sites was expire. Thanks for your list, and it is really useful to get updated one..!
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  10. Awesome List of Social Bookmarking Sites, I am going to Try all these Sites for Bookmarking.. Thanks for Share.. 🙂

  11. This information is enormously helpful. Thank you for sharing a great list of social bookmarking sites,which are helpful for good traffic results to website…..!

  12. Thank you Suprabhat.

    Just came across this list. A very informative post and quite a few on the list that I hadn’t seen. Have bookmarked this and will share with my clients. Thanks.

    Although page rank has less of a factor today than it did say 3 years ago, it is still important. Quality over quantity is key today. We also shouldn’t put all our trust to the search engines either. Utilising the traffic and customers we already have is where the money is. Collect and manage those customers more effectively and you will see better results.

    Of course, No Follow sites should be used but in a slightly different way. Get your links in appropriately and reap the benefits by having an opt-in form and a freebie on your site and gather emails.

    It is also important to say that the effort we all put into getting good quality backlinks is rewarded and not simply wasted. Ensuring that you are only going for backlinks from sites that are relevant to your own niche, product or service is key. No point in getting a backlink from a PR8 Medical website if your own site is selling ladies pink handbags. Google will catch on and you will alienate your visitors. Also very important that the traffic that a backlink generates to your own site is of course captured, funnelled and managed correctly once it arrives to maximise your profit potential. Your list is your profit and your pension, as they say. Thanks again.

  13. Hi Suprabhat,

    Social Bookmarking is very good way to create backlinks fast from authority sites like reddit, delicious and StumbleUpon etc. You have done great job by compiling this list and sharing with all.


  14. Hi Suprabhat, I think this article has provided a list that is in need by website owners to get information sites that can accept articles available on our website. Very nice post for us. Thank you.

    1. Hey Oriya,

      Social Bookmarking is really the most effective way of driving huge traffic to any website. Sure will update this post with new social bookmarking site list.
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    Thanks for pointing for the press release site for social bookmarking because I do for premium PR of my business. They indirectly promoted my business and generate traffic.
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  17. Hi Suprbhat,
    You are right, I agree with you. some of blogger don’t use right method while bookmarking. they just put their post to social bookmarking sites and that in not enough. Use less sites but participate there. If we share some other people post they will also share our post and in this we can get dofollow backlinks, also traffic.

    Any way thanks suprabhat for sharing such great list with us

    Areesha Noor!

  18. Your post looks awesome, but keeping the real thing in the post locked for just a like or share is annoying. It might not be useful for you in long term.

  19. Suprabhat Your list is great and updated, Social bookmarking submission is concerning to sharing your interests with the group of people with the hopes to build general interest. The actual benefits of social bookmarking come to pass when you’re able to direct this interest to your website or blog.

  20. Thanks for sharing this awesome list of social bookmarking sites. Going to create some quality backlinks for my blog from these bookmarking sites.

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  26. I’m looking for build some good quality backlinks for my blog. That’s why I do directory submission. But I’ve heard that, directory submission is not good for SEO. Now I’m finding some high PR social bookmarking sites list. Finally I will get it from this post. thanks you very very much.

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