Why You Can’t Neglect Social Media When Launching a New Product

Social Media

Launching your first product is an exciting and nerve-racking experience. As release day inches ever-closer, any sense of anticipation can quickly become overshadowed by a profusion of concerns, such as overlooked production issues, inadequate after-sales support, missed deadlines, negative feedback and so forth.

The businesses that steer clear of these problems spend a great deal of time on planning and preparation. But when everything is invested in ensuring a smooth release, many forget to generate enough interest and awareness around the product itself, usually to their demise.

It can be challenging to successfully market a product during times when capital is in short supply. Fortunately, you have social media on your side and it would be a sin to not leverage its immense potential. In fact, this powerful digital marketing channel can single-handedly make or break a product launch. Keep reading to find out why.

Free Advertising

Even in the digital era, word-of-mouth remains one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Social media happens to capitalize on it handily.

A strategically timed, placed, and worded campaign can take your product from nonexistent to viral trend before you ship your first unit. You simply need to identify what will resonate with your audience most.

Increased Web Traffic

Increased Web Traffic

Your website likely plays an important role in the launch of your product. Therefore, it needs to be visible to prospects. High-quality blog content will increase your website’s search engine rankings and subsequently, its visibility.

You can then share your blog posts on social media, thus bringing more traffic to your site. Having social sharing buttons on your blog posts will also encourage people to share them on their own accounts.

For this to work, your content needs to be relevant and informative. To get an idea of what this means, take a look at this blog post by Altium, a company that develops printed circuit designer software. Their post is effective because it provides a simple and insightful answer to a common question shared by the target audience.

Generating Anticipation

Some of the most memorable and successful product launches were preceded by a number of carefully crafted hints, announcements, and teasers. Of course, these were posted on social media, where they were shared by users, referenced in news reports, and written about on industry blogs.

Many companies are built upon their ability to effectively “hype up” their products. It’s part of the reason why people line up outside Apple stores overnight or why limited-edition Nike sneakers sell out in seconds. Perhaps best of all is that in most cases, it will cost you almost nothing to successfully generate some anticipation.

Access to Influencers

Influencers can serve as a valuable element of your pre-launch marketing campaign. They often have a significant impact on the purchase decisions of their followers. Giving an influencer in your industry early access to your product and asking them to share it is a great way to generate buzz.


These are just some of the reasons why social media is key to your product launch. Make the most of what it can do for your business and success will follow.

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