Social Media Networks: 7 Writing Pages You Have to Follow


The growth of social media has been accredited to increased growth in many other aspects of human society and interaction. This is because of the communication gap which the social media has helped close. Most importantly is the effect this growth has had on the growth of modern day writing? In times past, for writers to show their work off to an international audience, they had to go through the rigors of paying for mailing services across to the international magazines which were willing to publish them. Also, these writers had to deal with the prospects of rejection – right after they have spent money on sending the works across. This is why the influence of social media networks on the growth of modern writing cannot be overlooked. These days, people can share their work across a wide spectrum of social media platforms without spending much more than their data subscription costs. We will now list some social media networks that expert academic writers can follow to share their work and which students of writing can follow to learn how to write better.

Writers Network
  1. Writers Network: This is a Poetry and Writing Community for people who already write or who are looking to learn the basics of writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. This platform was established in 2004 as a creative writing community to provide a space for writers, poets and enthusiasts to share their work and hone their skills. Through creating a platform where people can share their writing and get feedback and constructive criticism, theWriters Network successfully created a place for both writers and students who wish to write. Members of the network have access to mentorship on writing, editing, book and website design, and publishing services.
  2. Book-In-a-Week (BIW): BIW is a network for writers and students looking to learn writing to collaborate on writing and learning the art of writing. This platform has provided encouragement and guidance for writers and writing students for over ten years. This network is engineered to work as a digital space and feel like a physical environment where writers can grow overtime. It has been listed in the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers for the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2016.
  3. Writers Write: this platform allows writers to learn more about creative and business writing, blogging etc. It does this by teaching practical courses, and also offering resources for any form of writing. Writers can also submit guest posts on the platform. This platform was designed for people who are looking to grow in their writing and provides people from all walks of life the opportunity to express themselves, get feedback on their expression and get better at the writing they do.
  4. The Write Practice: this website organizes tutorials and lectures on writing and writing techniques for its members. Members of the community have access to writing practice on prompts and techniques and are able to get feedback on their writings. Programs and contests are also organised with lots of monetary and consolatory prizes to serve as a means of encouragement for the members. It is a great platform for writers who are looking to develop, learn, network and be motivated.
  5. Writertopia: This network which sounds like an encyclopedia is basically a resource place for the writing community. Writertopia is determined to provide the ultimate resource platform for the worldwide community of writers and students of writing. They achieve this aim by first making sure every member shows a serious and high level of interest in honing their professional writing skills. Also, the network bridges the gap which often exists between the virtual world and the real world of writing. They do this by providing a listing for dates of events, readings, and workshops. This way, they help keep writers and writing students up to date with events and writing workshops happening in their area.
  6. The Writing Cooperative: This platform provides social networking for writers and bloggers from all walks of life. Their focus is on bringing amateur and professional writers and bloggers together to collaborate develop and help each other grow in the art of writing.  The platform does this by posting articles focused on writing, editing, publishing, and creativity. You can contribute to the website and also enter a challenge with other members of the platform.
  7. WritersCafé: this is a writer’s community which affords its members the opportunity to post their works and get reviews, network with other writers, start or join a writing group, access free writing lessons and details about literary agents, magazines and publishers.Writers can also share their write-ups with friends and acquaintances across other social networks.

One of the greatest blessings the internet has brought the way of humanity is the social media. It is an avenue for writers, both veterans and amateurs to hone their skills and become recognised in the writing world.

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