Speakol Review : Powerful Commenting System

speakol debate

Are you looking for the best and powerful commenting system which your user would like to use and participate in your debate ? Then look no further then Speakol.

Blog commenting system are there from those days when there was 1st blog post and this are created for users to put their views about post on their blog posts only. Not only that using blog commenting system blog readers and admin used to interact and build long term relationship. We all know it better to build healthy relationship with other bloggers commenting and interacting is the best way.

From many years bloggers are using either traditional blog commenting system or other like Facebook Comments, Disqus, Google+ comments, Commentluv and many more. Today in this post I will let you know how speakol can help you boost engagement on your blog posts.

Speakol Review : Boost engagement on your Blog

I should say Speakol is the new form of blog commenting system which has 3 various features which will help you boost engagement on your blog posts How? I will explain below :

1) The Debate Feature :

It is really one of the great feature which I liked the most in Speakol, simply what you have to do is create an campaign using Speakol then place the code on your blog post.

After that you only have to invite experts to share conflicting and diverging views on that particular topic. Then allow your audience to vote and comments. And as we all know debate goes on very long and can give huge engagement here is an example below :

speakol debate

2) The Argument Feature :

Arguments are another form to boost engagement on your blog posts, this feature enable your readers to Vote for or Vote against the statement which will arouse an argument between two parties.

What you will do is simply post about any topic and invite your readers to put their votes and views over that topic, obviously there will be two party like politics 😉

Here is an proof how it boost engagement with Arguments from Enstine Blog post below :

speakol argument

3) The Comparison Feature :

If you have more than one product to promote then what you can do to promote both as well as boosting your engagement is by creating comparison between those two product and let your audience speak about them what they feel actually for it.

By this way you are giving opportunity to your readers to cast a vote and put down their views over there which they can’t do in normal traditional blog commenting system.

Why I prefer Speakol Over Other Blog Commenting System are :

  • Sharing on Social media is very easy
  • Readers can vote as well as support their votes with comments
  • It display quick statistics which helps you decide the nature of your readers and what they like most
  • They can interact with other readers withing the Speakol commenting system
  • You can use it along other commenting system like Commentluv, Disqus etc
  • You can easily access all the details and total number of comment with the help of Speakol Dashboard
  • It also give notification for example if any user had engaged on your blog post with Speakol, when he visit some other blog post and participate in Speakol comparison, arguments or Debate he will be notified about reply and votes.

Few days back I created a debate on my blog post about Free hosting Vs Premium Hosting have a look over it for more details.

That all what I want to share about Speakol Plugin review, If you also want to create debate, argument or product comparison you can create it here.

Let me know what you think about Speakol in comments below, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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