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After school, it becomes so crucial to choose right college for you. And probably this is the most difficult decision you will ever take in your life. Which college to choose??This is the hardest question students face nowadays when they have so many options, so many universities but they just cannot figure out which one to go for.

An institute is like a school that offers courses leading to a degree (such as a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree) and where research is done. So this was basic definition of how we and our parents see colleges as.

Lets share light upon the whole definition of a university in more elaborated way-

A university is an institution of higher learning providing proper facilities for teaching and research and which is authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically :  one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor’s degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master’s degrees and doctorate.

And when you decide to pursue your career in high pitched career option such as engineering then it becomes mandatory to choose the best one for you. I will tell you why?

You have to be extra conscious about getting enrolled in an engineering institute because college places you in big plants and MNCs. And the better companies visit better colleges. Simple!

You don’t need to panic or think about it a lot.

SRM is one such Engineering institute where you get best environment to explore yourself.

Why SRM University?

WHAT began as an alone engineering college in the year 1985, is today a multi-campus institution. It was year 2006, when SRM gained one of the best university status, and today it offers courses in engineering, medicine, management, science and humanities, though it is mainly known for its engineering college. Today, SRM is a renowned Engineering Institute located in Kattankulathur District, Tamil Nadu. Dr. P.K.A Muniswaram is the proud director of the university.

Admitting students through a national entrance test named SRMEEE, nearly 80 percent of the students hail from outside Tamil Nadu. SRM admits brilliant students every year in large number.
And today it is running successful pitching students on the clouds of triumph every year. SRM is a private institute which is approved by University Grants Commission. And of course it is affiliated with SRM University, Chennai.

SRM fees structure and courses details:

Number of students enrolled along with the details of courses offered, SRM University fee structure. Feel free to go through all the details below here.

Student intake: 130(Information Technology), 180 (Biotechnology), 62 (Biomedical), 40 (Bioprocess), 60 (Bioinformatics), 59 (Genetic), 60 (Food Process), 120 (Chemical), 60 (Nanotechnology), 40 (Nuclear), 240 (Civil), 240 (Mechanical), 120 (Automobile), 120 (Aerospace), 130 (Mechatronics), 321(Electrical and Communication), 64 (Telecommunication), 180 (Electrical and Electronic), 120 (Electrical and Instrumentation), 120 (Instrumentation and Control), 242 (Computer Science)

Full-time faculty: 432 (Professors – 70, Assistant Professors – 645) Fees ( for the full course):  Rs. 600,000
Board & lodging (for two years): Rs. 106,000
Top recruiters: HDFC Bank, Infotech Enterprises, Pearson, Microsoft
Other programmes: BArch, ME
Other campuses: Ramapuram, Modi Nagar

If you have any query you can contact SRM through an official Web site:

SRM campus:

SRM university

The Kattankulathur campus, spread over 600 acres, is almost a grand township with  a490 volumes of books comprising 42,522 titles, and subscribes to 194 national and 72 international periodicals as well.
The Semester Abroad Program sponsors meritorious students, to spend one semester at universities like as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Warwick and Western Australia. The Corporate Advisory Board initiative facilitates collaboration between SRM and companies across industries.

Fee Waiver details:

SRM Research Institute, a unit of SRM University, is a small initiative aimed at supporting applied research and engineering activities. According to the college, financial assistance is also available for those who score over 90% in CBSE and above 95% in state board examinations in the form of 50 percent fee waivers to students.

A Founder’s Scholarship provides a full fees waiver and a stipend of Rs. 1,000 per month to top state, SRMEEE, JEE and AIEEE rankers, sports persons and students from specific socio-economic segments. The SRM campus currently has 15 hostels; nine for men, and six for women.

Now, what are you waiting for? Come and join this ultimate marathon of career opportunities and become a part of legacy triumph stories.

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