5 Important Resources Every Startup Business Need

5 Resorces Every Startup Business Must have

Most new startup business fail after few years, even if your business manage to survive it is not necessary it will be profitable. Placing your right foot in this field is the most necessary step for success and profit. There are many number of entrepreneur around the world who feels happy to share their startup business journey & experience with others to inspire. Rarely you will any social media platform which any entrepreneur haven’t used it till now. There are some resources which can help you place your right foot into the field of entrepreneurship, and help you start a successful startup business.

We can’t list 1000’s of resources here but will mention all those resources one need to possess to survive in today’s competition. So let’s start!

Important Resources Successful Startup Business Needs

5 Resorces Every Startup Business Must have

In this post you will find some guides, web apps, tools which can you build a successful startup foundation. This post is divided into several parts with everything covering, coming up with right idea, steps you need to take and steps which should not be taken, how to increase fund for your startup business and many more. In total i should say you will find everything you need to know about successful startup business.

1. Guides for Getting Started with Startup Business

Before you start any business, you should grasp a brief knowledge about it, For example :- In our daily we can’t even read, write or talk without learning language. Similarly before starting any business one need to read up some guides, checklist and understanding what needs a business to setup its great foundation for any specific niche.

For this i would recommend you The Entrepreneur’s Startup kits here you will find everything from starting any kind of business like Consulting firm, restaurant or Marketing etc.

2. Inspirations for Innovative Ideas :-

Basic important key for the success of any kind of business lies in the idea and continuing your idea with some innovation will surely bring it out from other common business. Innovative ideas can come anywhere just we need is to focus on it. So we are here with some resources which will help not only inspire you but will also help you note down next big ideas.

inspiration for innovative ideas

Alltop Startup has really a great list of blogs and website which are dedicated to a particular subject, here you will find the latest news and opinions in startup business world, which will help you bring out some innovative ideas.

There is one more Vator.tv where entrepreneurs upload short videos about their startup. Apart from that here you can also follow industry news.

3. Online Store Setup :-

For delivering your product worldwide one thing you need is an eCommerce Store, now a days people don’t want to go out and buy anything so online shopping is goes on increasing. For creating an eCommerce website you can go with shopify or you can also go with WordPress. If you are going with WordPress you will need to buy few things, which i had listed below.

  1. A reliable hosting (I recommend Hostgator) Or Read How to choose right WordPress hosting.
  2. SEO optimized and Mobile responsive themes or read How to choose right theme for your site.
  3. Powerful WordPress Plugins for high security of your store, fast loading and better user experience.
  4. Autoresponder, it is one of the crucial thing many new startup business forget. Today email marketing is very essential to develop connection with customers.
  5. Online Forms generator and Payment gateway.

Don’t worry i have solution for you, there is a flash sale going on InkThemes exclusively for New Startup Business and Marketing. They are providing $2920 worth resources only for $147 i.e 85% OFF which includes :-

  • 47 Professional WordPress Themes (includes every type of theme for any kind of business which cost around)
  • 60 logos, 5 Facebook covers and 25 Banner Designs.

Or You can Go with InkThemes Flash Sale 85% Off which cost around $3500 but for you it is only $700, this package includes :-

  • All 47+ WordPress Themes for your Store.
  • 10+ Powerful WordPress Plugins
  • FormGet Premium subscription for creating online forms as well as it can collect payment
  • MailGet Premium subscription for email marketing.

Read More :- How to create a Blog that makes money Online

4. Raising Money

To take your Startup business to next level one need to more determination and will power. But now a days in most cases one need startup capital to build product, hire proper team, maintaining the product, marketing of product and delivering the product. There are few resources which will help you know more about raising money and venture capital.

a. How to fund a startup business :- In this you will find detailed description on various way of raising fund money, how venture capital operates and reality of bringing investor to your startup business.

b. Introductory Guide to venture capital :- If you don’t know much about venture capital, then this slideshow short presentation will help you know about it and how it works.

5. Startup Social Communities :-

One cannot go alone and start a business online, even all world best entrepreneurs not only have co-founders but they have friends, family members who are always there to give advice. So here i am mentioning some great startup social communities which will help you take difficult decisions, fixing mistakes. So here is the list :-

So this was all about Important resources every Successful startup business needs. If you are have any idea go with it, Don’t just think and think. Apply your plan and wait for it to get succeed. If you face any kind of problem you can contact me any time using Contact us page.

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