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Tesla Themes Affiliate Program Review

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online, even major portion of my earning comes from affiliate marketing. In simple words Affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s else product and earning some commission if you make sale or bring leads. There are so many untapped products from which any newbie can make $1000 per month by targeting particularly on them, but most of them rely on ad networks like Infolinks, Google Adsense etc. but making $1000 per month with ad networks is quite impossible until and unless you have huge traffic.

Affiliate marketing is quite simple just promote any product, refer buyers, make sales and make money. Only thing you have to work is driving target traffic which are more likely to convert into sales.

Another issue most of the bloggers find quite hard is finding the perfect product which have following qualities like:

  • Best Quality
  • Huge Commission
  • Flexible Payout

Today in this post I am going to share about one affiliate program which is of best quality in market, give huge commission as well as posses flexible payout. TeslaThemes is one of the most prominent & trusted one among WordPress theme development companies. TeslaThemes design Clean, Impressive and Beautiful WordPress themes with damn attractive features.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Review:

TeslaThemes affiliate program has some of the best feature which made me write this article. These are some of the key points which will make you join there affiliate program for sure. Here we go:

1. 50% + 15% Commission:

teslathemes affiliate Program

There are many affiliate program which offer more than 50% commission for making sales of there product but TeslaThemes offer more than 50% i.e additional 15% 2nd tier commission. Simply it means if you refer any user and they became TeslaThemes affiliate, you will get 50% from all the sales you make as well as you will get 15% additional commission from the sales your referred users make.

2. All in One Account:

TeslaThemes has all in one account for purchase and affiliate dashboard which makes it quite easy for everyone to manage each and everything from a single dashboard, which is the main reason most of the users Sign up for TeslaThemes affiliate program.

3. 90 Days Cookies:

TeslaThemes has a cookie retention period of 90 days that means if you refer any user to TeslaThemes and that person buy one or multiple theme within a period of these 90 days you will earn commission.

4. Custom Coupon Code:

They offer personalized coupon codes which helps users to engage and provide unique discounts for all the products, there are only few such affiliate program which allow such personalized coupon code like Hostgator. Except this they have complete toolkit for affiliate marketers (Banners with their embedded codes and complete sets of links).

5. Monthly Payout:

One will receive commission once in a month (within 5 days of next month) even if you have $1 in your account you can request or withdraw your commission from PayPal or Payoneer, which is the another biggest reason to join TeslaThemesAffiliate program.

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Pro Tips to Increase TeslaThemes Affiliate Sales:

Just creating affiliate account doesn’t help anyone in making money. In order to earn some commission one have to make sales and that can only be possible by bring targeted customers to product through your affiliate links. Few best way to increase TeslaThemes Affiliate sales are:

  1. Content Writing:

Quality content is the basic key to make money online whether it is ad network or affiliate marketing content is the key to your success. Simply write good quality articles, place banners and your affiliate links between your content and promote your article.

  1. Banner Ads:
    Tesala Theme Banner Ad

This is one of the oldest and common way of making sales in affiliate marketing. Simple place banners ads with your affiliate link in sidebar or widget so that your most of the readers have to go through it.

  1. Product Review:

Another best way to earn huge money is via writing product review. There are dozens of TeslaThemes available choose some of them, write WordPress theme review, put your affiliate links and see conversion later.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social networks are the best way to earn money these days as you can reach a new level of audience from there for your product. Share an attractive banner, shorten your affiliate link and share them on Facebook Groups, Twitter, Google+ communities etc. It will help you get some more commission.

Terms & Conditions of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

There are some terms & condition, one should look before signing and start promotion of Tesla WordPress themes are:

  • You will not get any commission from you own purchase of Tesla Themes.
  • You can not use any kind of PPC advertising to affiliate links.
  • One more point that you are not allowed to use TeslaThemes brand name in Domain name or to run PPC advertisements.


Anyone can become affiliate marketer but the basic quality any pro affiliate marketer has is making choice of affiliate product to promote. There are many affiliate marketers who are making huge money out there, similarly you can also make. While TeslaThemes Affiliate program is one step ahead of among others. It helps affiliate marketers in making huge money without applying much efforts as one have to put on other products. So why you are wasting time. JOIN NOW

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