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TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Which is best WP Themes Club?

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

In recent years, popularity of premium WordPress themes has increased steadily. With the huge number of websites/blogs using WordPress as CMS platform which increases the demand of quality and unique themes. The market of WordPress themes includes a huge selection of buyers. Most of the developers and designer takes huge interest in WordPress theme clubs who provide access to selection of various themes rather paying for them individually. Similarly there are many such webmasters who own multiple website, they also prefers Theme Clubs to get multiple themes for their websites.

But it is quite confusing when you decide which WordPress theme club to join! So today I am going to compare TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop WordPress theme club most popular and most used theme club. This article will help you in making comparison very easy and in taking your final decision.

Before we start, let’s talk about the factors one should keep in mind and what you should expect from WP theme clubs are:

  • Design & Uniqueness
  • Professional Quality Themes
  • Updates
  • No. of themes available
  • Length of Membership
  • Fees
  • Usage Restrictions (Supported Domains)

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop: Comparison of WordPress Theme Club

Let’s start with the comparison, you can make your choice and decision after reading the below features offer by both the theme clubs. Here we go:

1. Design & Uniqueness:

All the Tesla Themes are designed by keeping in mind the demand of industry unique and that clear designing allows users an impressive look. While on the other hand MyThemeShop, some of their themes are really unique but sometimes that uniqueness divert the attention of buyers. Many of their themes have minute changes and they claim to launch unique themes.

But the best part is both the Theme clubs provide SEO Optimized coded themes which helps in quick ranking. According to Pingdom Test: Some of the MyThemeshop themes are bit little bit fast loading as compared to TeslaThemes. But not all of them.

Design= Almost Same
Uniqueness= TeslaThemes

2. Documentation:

TeslaThemes allow the easiest, step by step instruction and screenshots that will help you customize your WordPress themes to get them live and functioning. Even before buying you can get access to their online documentation.

Even MyThemeShop also offers step by step instruction and clear documentation with video tutorials which is quite great but these documentations are only available only after purchase.

Clear Documentation: Both almost same
Video Tutorial: MyThemeShop Win
Online Documentation: TeslaThemes Win

3. Updates:

TeslaThemes release updates weekly, even if you get to see any bug it get fixed quickly, also it provide One Click Updates for the themes. While MyThemeShop didn’t have any fixed time for updates, so you can’t predict anything, even it also provide one click update.

4. Supported Domains:

If you have multiple website then this is the point you should consider while joining any WordPress theme clubs. But in our comparison between MyThemeShop and TeslaThemes both provide unlimited domain support which means you can use there themes on unlimited websites.

5. Responsiveness:

responsive designs

It is another and most important factor every webmasters consider before joining any theme club, as it is one of the point which affects search engine ranking and here both the theme clubs stand same as they both offer good responsive themes.

6. HTML Themes:


TeslaThemes gives your HTML themes as well which gives you full access to the theme, you can even change it to Joomla, Drupal or anything else you need.

But on the other hand MyThemeShop didn’t give HTML version of the themes, so it easy to decide which is best according to your need.

7. Free Customization:

MyThemeShop won’t allow free customization rather than bug fixing if they found any to their buyers. While TeslaThemes allow 1 hour free customization to all their buyers, which makes them move a little bit ahead of MyThemeShop.

8. Premium Plugins:

Plugins are the best thing which I like in WordPress, it makes everything easy with just few click. Even a 1st time user can easily do many things. TeslaThemes doesn’t sell any premium plugin right now, while MyThemeShops offer many premium plugins which you can integrate with their themes and can have more access to additional functionality.

Clearly MyThemeShop Wins here!

9. Test Dashboard:

Even before buying membership or theme, you can click on dashboard and can have option to test dashboard in TeslaThemes but there is no test dashboard in MyThemeShop before buying the themes.

10. Single Theme Price:

Price of single theme for MyThemeShop is $59 per theme which is quite costly, while Tesla Themes offer single theme for $48 per theme as which is quite cheaper as compared to others.

11. Price to Access All Themes:

For MyThemeShop price to access all the themes is $167 per year in which you get full access to all the premium themes and plugins. While TeslaThemes give full access to all the themes for just $59 per year which is really cheaper and right there are 56 themes so that cost per theme goes to almost $1 per theme. TeslaThemes wins here quite easily.

12. Lifetime Package Pricing:

MyThemeShop didn’t allow lifetime packages to their themes and plugins, it means you have to renew it every year once your membership comes to end.

While in case of TeslaThemes, it offers $199 onetime payment to get lifetime access to all their themes even 18+ themes which they aim to develop every year with PSD files.

13. Money Back Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee

Under some selected circumstances, MyThemeShop offers money back. For that one have to raise ticket if item not works properly or broke any terms they offer. While TeslaThemes offer 14 days money back, for any reason if you are unsatisfied they will issue a prompt and full refund.

14. Affiliate Commissions:

We all know that MyThemeShops offer 70% commissions to their affiliate marketers. But that is only for if the buyer at the time of making purchase use 0% coupon code, if any user at the time of making purchase use your normal 20% discount code then you get paid only 50% commission which is almost same as TeslaThemes. Return Cookie period of MyThemeShop is 60 days.

While TeslaThemes doesn’t distract their affiliate marketers as they give 50% commission with 20% lifetime code. So the claim made by MyThemeShop that they are the highest paying affiliate program in WordPress niche totally fails. Return Cookie period of TeslaThemes is of 90 days.

2nd Tier commission is only 10% for MyThemeShop while it is 15% on every sale made by the affiliate you refers for TeslaThemes

Both of them offer monthly payout to their affiliates, but TeslaThemes offers payout even if you make $1.

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15. Support:

MTS offers premium support to their buyers via Forums, FAQS and Video Tutorials available on their websites. While TeslaThemes offers premium support for their buyers via Forums, Online Documentation and if someone need additional customization in their theme like adding or removing any features, they charge $30/hour.


I have made all the points/factors one have to consider while choosing the perfect WordPress theme clubs and from all the above point and factors both of the WordPress Theme Clubs are best but somewhere in my view TeslaThemes stand ahead whether in terms of quality or pricing. But in the end it all depends on you what you choose and why after reading the comparison review above.


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