The 5 Best Shopify Apps for 2019

5 Best Shopify Apps 2019

As a Shopify store owner, you know how much hard work goes into running your store. Sometimes, it can feel like all those tasks just suck up all your time.

That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of the unique apps used by the top Shopify stores, providing you with the inside scoop onthe 5 Best Shopify Apps for 2019, designed to take the hassle out of your hustle.

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1) Omnisend


The most successful Shopify store owners know that omnichannel marketing automation is the most valuable way to reach the most customers in more ways than anyone else. It allows you to make the most moves while exerting the least amount of effort.

Unique customization features and personalized data (including sales tracking) give you the information you need to keep the ads that convert and ditch the ones that don’t.

Plus, you can fully integrate your other tools so your shop runs like a well-oiled machine.

2) CartHook


CartHook is your one-stop shop for amazing, customized checkout pages.

First of all, it lets you condense your checkout experience down to one page. Less steps… means higher conversion rates… means increased revenue.

Plus, CartHook offers One Click Post-Purchase Upsells. This means your upsells come after the checkout page, so your customers don’t have to re-enter their payment info in order to purchase the upsell (a known conversion-killer).

Simply put, CartHook is THE app to implement if you want to up your checkout page’s conversion rate (arguably the most important page).

3) LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a great app that increases revenue by encouraging continual customer engagement with your store.


What LoyaltyLion does, is offer a points system for interacting with your store, such as liking your posts on Facebook, referring customers, etc.

Then, your customers can redeem these points on your online store… meaning, increased purchases!

Plus, LoyaltyLion has recently teamed up with Yotpo, which will give your customers points for leaving reviews. The importance of this cannot be understated… because, after all, 84% of People Trust Online Reviews as Much as Friends.

4) ReCharge

If your Shopify store focuses on repeat orders, then ReCharge is the best app out there for you.


ReCharge creates a subscription-based payment model for your customers, meaning they’ll automatically purchase your product at given intervals. What could be better?

Plus, it offers auto-delivery, so your customers know the products will arrive consistently on-time, every time.

And, the Subscribe & Save option incentivizes with discounts, upping your subscribed customers and earning your store more revenue.

5) Snappt

If you’re not using social media to build brand awareness, you’re just not taking your Shopify store seriously.


And, Instagram is one of the best ways to expose potential new customers to your products, period.

Snappt is Instagram-Approved, and with it, you can make your pictures immediately shoppable. Meaning, your customers can buy right from Instagram, completely eliminating multiple steps in the buying process. (Less steps = higher conversion!)

Empower your Shopify Store.

These Shopify apps can take your Shopify store to the next level by increasing customer loyalty, elevating conversion, and skyrocketing revenue.

Get these apps and boost your sales today!

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