This village school teacher built an Alexa Robot to bring digital learning to rural students

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When Alexa robot is discovered by an imaginative and risky rustic teacher – magic is done. Writing services such as help students to cope with tons of school essays. But not only they can help. Ask yourself, ‘Is Alexa a robot?’ and imagine how great it would be to have it at schools all around the world.

Rarely completes one gets the chance to tell development stories from the beginning, when you feel warmth and residue, go along the streets sprinkled with lethargic houses and become really dirty. In addition, thusly, sooner or later, it’s additionally the greatest test setters face: how might you make progress and impact the least shared component? India differs from region to region. Its social conditions and tongues are different in almost every small town.

A tech game like Amazon most likely faced these inquiries sooner or later in the midst of its five-year run. The inquiries were, even more, squeezing with regard to Alexa, its al – controlled voice partner who propelled barely a year back. Since voice is presumably the most sweltering item in tech today, it may rise above social boundaries, connect the skill hole, and thus enhance expectations for everyday comforts. 

A lot to the joy of the association situated in Seattle, people have ascended as change producers themselves with some assistance from Amazon devices.

We are going to present a story that’s just a human creative energy triumph. 

Nowadays, a lot of schools have access to modern technology. Pupils have an opportunity to study with the help of the Internet and pass the tests online. But the situation around the world is far from perfect. Countries where children don’t always have access to the fresh water obviously lack the innovations and reforms at schools.

That is why a creative approach and an inspired teacher can completely change small kids’ lives bringing colorfulness and interest to the lessons.

One day, a 31-year teacher Amol Bhuyar from Warud in Maharashtra’s Amravati region found Alexaon the Internet and asked himself, ‘Is Alexa a robot?’ Once the material was collected and all his questions were answered, he decided to bring this gorgeous device to the lessons.

Alexa robot becomes a part of kids’ lives

Amol was really inspired by this idea but had tons of questions in his head of how to pay for the device, how to involve the kids in the process and what the principal thinks about this. Without thinking too much, he decided to go to the principal Sushma Kapase right away.

They together started raising funds for the brilliant project. Not a long time after, they purchased a great Amazon gadget.

The next step was to establish it in the small premises of the school. Amol desired to create Alexa robot more attractive as it is always more pleasant to listen to the real person that to the computer or any other kind of machine.

He ordered casual clothes on the Internet and created a women robot. Then, he put the device inside the mechanical woman. At last, the robot resembled a real person who talks to the children with a true voice.

Kids need to consistently discover some new information, and such innovation has simply broadened their interest.

Amol admits that Sophia, the world’s first AI robot to be awarded citizenship by Saudi Arabia in 2017, inspired the idea of an Alexa robot. “Every day, the children want to learn something new, and the Alexa robot just increased their curiosity,” Amol says. “Their learning process has become more fun and interactive than ever before, and they are now learning alone,” he adds.

On March 16, 2018, Alexa Robot joined the municipal school. With a lot of fondness, Amol remembers the day.

More ways to integrate the gadget into the school program

1.  Memory Blast

Want a few minutes to improve your memory? MemoryBlast is an easy way to reproduce and repeat a list of single digits. If you do well, the list will become harder if you have difficulties with the similar adaptations.

The app is primary, but it can help you not to forget it so often when used several times a day.

Say, “Alex, turn on Memory Blast.”

2. Time machine

Time Machine allows you not literally but with the support of news headlines to plunge into history. Ask Echo to start the application and choose the random date of 1851 to today.  After that, from that day’s news (the New York Times) you’ll hear the headlines as if all was happening today. This is a great way to learn what happened on a certain history day and a great way to take a break from the present dreadful news.

Say, “Alex, open Time Machine.”

3. Animal finder

Studying animals is easy using the Animal Finder. The app will not help to find your lost dog, but it will tell you basic statistics about any species on earth. Say the name of the animal and you will hear its name in Latin, the size of the current population and whether the species is endangered.

Say: “Alex, unlock Animal Finder” or “View: Snow Leopard.”

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