Tips to Analyze Your Home WiFi Network

Tips to analyze home wifi network

Wireless router has quickly become an important appliance in modern home. Now a day everyone has a WiFi router and those who lives in cities often suffers from overlapping of WiFi signals. As you and your neighbor’s all are sharing tight wireless frequency range. It has been quite common that when you turn on your Smartphone’s WiFi option then you will find 5-10 or more wireless network in a close range.

So, if your router is connected to the same channel as those used by your neighbor’s, you could experience a slow connection or one that frequently drops out.

tips to analyze home wifi network

What is Wireless Channel?

A channel is used to convey information signal from one person to another. Wireless channel means a medium to transfer data bit stream from one or multiple senders to one or multiple receivers. Wireless network use some specific channels within the wireless spectrum. A wireless network has certain capacity for transmitting data generally measured by its bandwidth in hertz.

An overcrowded wireless channel results in decreased bandwidth for your network. By configuring your wireless router to use less crowded channel can avoid these problem.

overCrowded Wifi Channel

WiFi Analyzer: Android App Features

In this post we are going to have a look on WiFi Analyzer, an essential android app for everyone who use WiFi router. WiFi Analyzer has some amazing features like: It protects your WiFi, maximize your connection speed. 6 Best features of these WiFi network analyzer are:

  1. Network Scanner: It can scan your network, show IP, Mac address. Allow you to display name, customize icons etc.
  2. Access Point Graph: It display current channel you are working on, how many neighbours on same channel. Not only that but it also suggest best channel to set your WiFi for speed & reliability.
  3. WiFi Strength: It shows your WiFi signal strength also shows your router public IP.
  4. Display Connections: It display all the connection your device is connected with. It also display established foreign connection, closed connection, listening IP’s, if the IP’s are trusted or threat.
  5. Access Point Scan: WiFi Analyzer display all router access points in range, channel they are using and DB signal.
  6. Block Feature: this feature is one of the best in this app which allows you to block any device from using the internet.

Wifi Analyzer Review


WiFi Analyzer provides an easy and quick way to find the right wireless channel in order to avoid interference from your neighbor’s networks. The next time your wireless network disconnects automatically or you get less internet speed; you can pull out your android Smartphone and begin troubleshooting.

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