Client Consultations: 6 Tips for Conducting Professional Meetings When Working from Home

Tips for Conducting Professional Meetings When Working from Home

Working from home generally solves more problems than it creates. You can avoid the commute, spend more time with your family, and enjoy a better work-life balance. 

One of the major downsides is that it can be tricker to conduct professional meetings. Whether it’s the kids playing in the next room or the pile of washing visible in the background, it’s not always easy creating the illusion of professionalism. Thankfully, you can turn all that around by doing the following: 

Don’t Work from Home

Working from home presents many benefits, but working from serviced office suites is often easier when conducting professional meetings. Rather than trying to hide the pile of dishes in the sink, rent an office or boardroom to show your clients or coworkers how professional you are. 

Serviced office suites can be found in most major cities and their surrounding suburbs. Given their generally low rates, you should be able to enjoy a professional environment without any significant financial outlay. Indeed, the best providers offer one-off and weekly fees for complete flexibility. 

Test Your Tech

There are few things as frustrating as encountering tech challenges and having to combat them on the fly while conducting a meeting. Avoid that stress by testing your audio and visual equipment before your meeting starts. 

Set Up a Home Office

Rather than renting out your spare room and having to pay tax, consider turning it into a dedicated office for working from home. You can kit it out with a desk, an ergonomic chair, storage solutions, and even a house plant for much-needed air filtration. 

By having a dedicated office, you can separate your work life from your home life and avoid worrying about what people will see in the background of your next Zoom call. 

Hold Calls When No One Else Is Home

Family life can be chaotic. Children don’t always know how to use their inside voices, and spouses can struggle to provide you with the quiet time you need. To avoid being interrupted during an important meeting, consider scheduling them when no one is home. This might be after school starts, before you pick the kids up, or while your spouse is at work or out running errands. If you can accurately predict when you’ll be alone, you can enjoy less stressful meetings. 

Train the Family

While it is not the most practical solution compared to renting out an office space, you can enjoy an air of professionalism during WFM meetings by outlining what you expect from your family. 

Create a sign for the office door, and let them know not to disturb you if it’s up. Alternatively, if you have the same regular meetings every day or week during the same period, get them into the habit of having fun outside the house during that time. Again, consistency is the key to a successful outcome. 

Wear Professional Clothing

You might not have to leave your house and meet people in person, but that doesn’t mean a hoodie or t-shirt is acceptable. Instead, dress for your virtual meeting as if you’re meeting your coworkers or clients in person. 

Wear a nice blouse or shirt, wash your face, and do your hair. You might even put on jewelry or makeup if it makes you feel more confident. 

Working from home doesn’t mean you no longer have to be professional. However, it can sometimes make it more challenging to embody professionalism. Thankfully, if you take some of the actions above, you should discover that it’s easy to look the part, even while enjoying the comforts of home.

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