What Tools Do Most SEO Companies Use?

Tools SEO Company

One undeniable advantage SEO companies have over you doing SEO on your own is their access to quality tools. SEO tools are usually very expensive and require you to pay a premium upfront, and there aren’t many good free tools. SEO tools usually scour the internet and index and store useful information about it. All of this requires a lot of storage and CPU power, and that’s why the free tools are so inadequate.  You should learn about what SEO tools professional SEO teams, like Neadoo Digital SEO agency, use in their everyday operations.


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools out there. The ‘lite’ version which has the least amount of features starts at $99 a month, and it only gets higher from there.

Ahrefs is a great all-around tool that you can use for planning and data gathering phase to the execution of your marketing plans and link building.

Their Site Explorer is superior to Alexa’s free one, their Keyword Explorer gives you detailed info about which keywords are popular and how difficult it is to rank for it. The Rank Tracker helps you meticulously observe how well your campaign is doing. Overall, it is a well-rounded tool that can help you with most tasks.


Pitchbox is every freelancer’s dream – it is a tool to manage and customize pitches to send to blogger and influencers. You’ll easily be able to craft the perfect pitch, and easily edit it in the platform to be applicable to each blogger. You’ll be able to publish guest posts and articles on other websites because Pitchbox is, also, able to track down the influencer’s email and contact them instead of the generic one present on every website.

Now, you might be confused as to why you need Pitchbox for SEO. It’s an extremely useful and rarely used technique where you can reach out to these blogs and influencers to link build to your own website. Using this tool, you’ll be able to rank much higher. Not only that, it is extremely easy to get influencers to talk about your product, generate a buzz around it, and make it go viral.


MOZ is much closer to Ahrefs in terms of functionality – it is a general purpose tool that you can use for almost anything related to search engine optimization. There are almost 40K customers doing business with them, they are one of the more popular solutions in the market. It also starts from $99 a month making it similar to Ahrefs in this area as well. One of its more useful tools is the Site Audit tool – when doing SEO, it is often difficult to learn what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, and there’s so much info on the web, it is even harder to decide what is reliable. That’s where the Site Audit function shines. It gives you a detailed and accurate report on how your website is doing and it gives you a list of actionable things to do to rank better.

Free SEO Tools

Free Tool Equivalents

As you might’ve noticed, SEO tools are expensive, and if you’re just starting with SEO, you might not want such big an expensive commitment. Thankfully, there are some free and underpowered tools you can use that will be excellent aides in your learning journey (if not useful in a business enterprise environment)


A free equivalent to Pitchbox, this tool will help you learn the personal emails of the people who are running the site you’re interested in. This is generally a much more effective way to outreach, and you’ll get much more replies.

Small SEO Tools

Aptly named, this site offers a collection of small and free SEO tools that will help you along the way. While none of them is particularly impressive or state-of-art bespoke software, they nonetheless have immense value while being free. 

Free SEO Tools by MOZ

MOZ offers its collection of free tools. Moz bar is excellent if you want to save some time while doing SEO, and the keyword explorer, while being limited, offers valuable insight. You can get a taste of MOZ Pro without paying for it with these tools.

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