Top 10 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives for Android And IOS

Best BeautyPlus Alternatives in India 2020

BeautlyPlus is a very popular camera and photo editing app which is widely used by people for editing selfies through makeup tools, beauty effects, and AR stickers. The app has many features and excellent tools, its development has always been in controversies and privacy allegations. Recently, the Indian government has banned the Beauty Plus app along with 58 other Chinese apps. In this context, we are writing this article on the Top 10 best BeautyPlus alternatives in India for Android and iOS so users can move to a more secure and private app.

In this article we will be talking about alternatives for BeautyPlus apps which don’t have any history of having a shady behavior and yet useful. So without delaying further lets go through list of all such apps in this article.

Best BeautyPlus Alternatives for Android and iOS 2020 in India

1. Snow

Snow - Best BeautyPlus Alternatives

Snow is one of the best BeautyPlus alternative and one among the top popular camera app. Snow App has been developed by Snow.Inc from South Korea. Now talking about the features it offers, there are numerous tools for photo retouching. You get AR makeup effects which are quite similar to AR filters from BeautyPlus. This app has thousands of stickers that are updated regularly based on the trend and season going around. You can also use existing AR filters/effects or create your own beauty effects for your photo.

While using Snow, I found it has a much bigger library of AR stickers than BeautyPlus which is an added advantage and benefits over BeautyPlus. On Snow, you get many editing and creative tools to edit photos beyond just crop, flip, rotate, etc. Apart from this, you can remove blemishes from skin apply beauty effects like Portrait, Smooth to give a completely new look to your picture. You should give a try to Snow as it seems a worthy alternative to BeautyPlus.

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2. B612

B612 is a widely used alternative app of BeautyPlus it is totally dedicated to beauty and filter camera. B612 app is also developed by Snow.Inc. This app uses new advanced facial recognition technology in order to detect the face of the user accurately so that the beauty effects and filters look normal on the face. For the same reason, B612 has the ability to distort the face and turn into any cute animal in real-time as well. This app has more than 1500 stickers from diverse ranges which when used can give an impressive look to your images.

B612 - BeautyPlus Alternative Camera App

Moving forward towards the features of B612 it has drawing effects, editing tools, beautify algorithms, and much more. B612 only lags behind when talking about make-up as its only a filter camera app. But if you are looking forward to creating fun Boomerang videos then you can surely use this app. For AR stickers no other mobile app can match the level of B612.

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3. Candy Camera

The Candy Camera app is developed by JP-brothers.Inc which based out of South Korea. This app is a widely popular selfie camera app which is one of the best alternatives to BeautyPlus. Candy Camera has a huge range of unique beauty filters which can make your selfies a lot better. To try out the beauty filters the process is very simple just one has to swipe right or left to switch between the filters similar to Tinder. This app also offers real-time filters that can be used while taking selfies. Candy Camera also posses many makeup tools like mascara, whitening, lipstick, slimming, concealer, and much more.

CandyCamera -BeautyPlus Alternatives 2020

BeautyPlus also had a Magic Brush tool which can paint anything, the same feature you can find it on Candy Camera. There are many makeup & seasonal stickers available in the app right now. In all Candy Camera, has all the beautification tools for selfies edit and easily replaces the BeautyPlus app.

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4. YouCam Perfect

We can say YouCam Perfect is a sure shot alternative to BeautyPlus as it has many photo editing tools, trendy AR stickers, Beauty effects, makeup tools, and a lot more pieces of stuff in one app. YouCam Perfect app has been developed by Perfect Corp which is based out of the US. This app will provide you an amazing editing experience which will help you in creating incredible pictures for social media platform quickly. YouCam Perfect has creative templates, frames which are quite similar to AR stickers of BeautyPlus. It also allows you to take real-time selfies and edit them on the go. With just one tap you can beautify your image on this app, it automatically removes all the blemishes and smooths wrinkles from the face.

YouCam Perfect BeautyPlus Alternatives

YouCam Perfect also offers a new feature called “Object Remover“. With the help of this feature within a few seconds, you can easily remove objects, lines from any image. It also offers Eye Bag & Dark Circle remover too which is quite amazing. YouCam Perfect is a perfect feature-packed camera app which is the best BeautyPlus alternative in India 2020.

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5. Facetune2

Facetune2 stands on number 5 in the list of top best BeautyPlus alternatives. Though it doesn’t have all the features offered by BeautyPlus, it posses some excellent makeup editor. This app has been developed by Lightricks based out of Israel. The same company is also behind the Enlight Pixaloop one of the top photo animator apps. Facetune2 can do lots of stuff with your selfie like retouching, adding personal glam to give a new look. It also posses the best image correction features which help in whitening the teeth, brighten the eyes, changing light conditions, adjust face contours from different ends.

Facetune2 BeautyPlus Alternatives 2020

You will also find options for background blur, filters, makeup brushes to make your selfies beautiful. With this app, you not only get to edit your skin but also you can retouch your hair with few taps hair color can be changed. Pimples, blemishes can be removed using the beautifying tools, skin softening, and much more. Facetune2 is another deserving alternative to BeautyPlus with some powerful features.

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6. Retrica

Retrica - BeautyPlus Alternatives

Retrica is another top app in this list and is one of the considerable replacement to BeautyPlus. Retrica is a filter camera app that helps in creating glamorous photos within a few seconds. Talking about the features it has many filter packs, but it has its own original filter named Univisium which is widely used and popular among its users. Apart from this, one can add filmy effect to the photos for the 60s, 70s, and 90s. You will also find other color filters as well like Vintage, Retro, Hip, and much more.

Retrica App is developed by Retrica.Inc which is based out of South Korea. It comes up with a zoom blur effect, timestamp, real-time filters, and more. Retrica is another perfect alternative to BeautyPlus in terms of filters.

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7. UniCamera (Not Available Anymore)

UniCamera BeautyPlus Alternatives

UniCamera is a photo editing app that can perform a lot many activities. UniCamera integrates with your smartphone camera after installation so you can easily enjoy the filters, brush, recolor, and other tools to create amazing breathtaking pictures. One can directly share their photos on social media from this app. UniCamera comes up with powerful editing tools, wide range of retouch effects, blur, vignette, rotating photos effect, and many more.

It also brings HD retouch effect, Intelligent selfie retouch, optimize skin tones, smooth skin, splash effect, and many other functions with three different adjustable levels of beauty-enhancing tools to choose. It also comes up with natural 3D facelift, auto background blur, timer, photo frames, selfie to poster convertor, selfie to magazine-style cover, and more. UniCamera is another strong replacement for the BeautyPlus camera app.

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8. CreamCam

Another very popular selfie filter app is CreamCam which offers portrait enhancement features and tools. This app is designed for those who are not experts in photo editing and want to achieve a perfect photo quickly. The latest version of CreamCam also supports video editing which is an added advantage to the app. Talking about the image editing features of CreamCam it can easily remove spots, acne, wrinkles, and add shine to your face. You can also fix the uneven skin tone and lighting conditions using the color adjustment slider.

CreamCam - BeautyPlus Alternatives

Also, it allows you to view your photo before and after the edit so you can see the difference between the original and final outcome. It offers manual as well as automatic enhancement features to its users. With the use of this app, one can always have the perfect selfie. CreamCam allows users to adjust smoothness, brightness in real-time as well. This is the must-use app for the beginners or who want their photos edited quickly. Do you consider CreamCam as an alternative to BeautyPlus? Let us know in the comments below.

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9. Photowonder

PhotoWonder is another most downloaded apps over the App Store and Google Play Store. PhotoWonder allows its users to add beauty to any photo. This app allows the smartphone users to take selfies with real-time filters, create a collage, beauty effects to their images and a lot more. The main features of this app are beautifying effects, a wide range of filters, collage maker, filtered camera, etc. It also has tons of photo frames, stickers, animated emojis, and much more.

PhotoWonder - BeautyPlus Alternatives

PhotoWonder allows smartphone users to create their own custom stickers, emojis with their faces. It also allows you to edit all images in a single frame. Once the editing is finalized the user can also share the images over social media directly from the app. This app allows you to edit the tiny parts of the face too, so you can edit a photo like a professional photographer. It is also one of the promising alternatives to the BeautyPlus app.

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10. Snapchat

We all know Snapchat is a widely used and one of the most popular Social Media apps. But can you use it for editing photos? Yes, we can edit photos on Snapchat. Also, it offers huge amazing filters and lenses just like BeautyPlus. The user just has to take a snap and add fun effects on their selfies. It has 1000’s of filters and lenses which you cannot find on any other app. Also, they keep on adding new lenses as well as filters every day to keep their users engaged.

Snapchat - BeautyPlus Alternatives

Snapchat allows its users to create their own filters. In terms of filters and lenses, this app stands miles ahead of the BeautyPlus app just one has to know how to use it perfectly. Though this app doesn’t allow to edit a lot many things on a picture but is a promising alternative to BeautyPlus.

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Now Edit your Selfies with BeautyPlus Alternatives

So this was our top picks for the best BeautyPlus alternatives in India 2020. We have mentioned the top 10 apps that offer all the features of BeautyPlus, but some have either filters, stickers, or editing tools. Based on what you regularly use on BeautyPlus, you can pick the apps from the list.

Now talking about privacy and security, we have only mentioned those apps which don’t have any record of shady behavior in the past. If you found the article helpful then do comment down below and let us know.

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