Top 10 Must-Know Money Saving Tips for a Fresher

Money Saving Tips for fresher

Finding a well-paid job is really a daunting task these days. People have been trying day and night to get their desirable platforms. Even if you are talented enough, certain flaws within your performances may keep you back. So, it does not matter if you are a fresher or are trying to make a move from your previous company to a new one, the corporate sector will surely lay emphasis on your basics and how good you are at your presentation skills.

You need to be really good in order to stand out of the crowd and checking upon these issues is a real point to note down since your way of holding yourself and representing in front of an interviewer will start bothering you right from the first day at your workplace. Resumes Planet offers the best professional resume writing services to the clients. All the deals are customized exclusively at a faster rate and they also end up in contributing with helpful career tips to offer benefits to their clients. CV writing or editing and cover letter writing are some of other attributes of this service and it also helps people to avail a well-paid job. Thus, let your dream come true and order a resume at a low price that favors your budget. You will be able to receive a perfect platform wherein all your resume projects are to be handed over to experts’ hands.

A professional team will certainly pour their years of experience into the deal, in order to make your resume appear as a truly powerful document. The writers at the firm are always there to assist you in capitalising the experience you own. The experts are here to construct a resume that would present you as a candidate with all your true potential, thereby using information on your course work, voluntary works as well as all other relevant skills and experiences you’ve gained at previously held positions.

Being a fresher, you need to manage your money well. You need to find effective means to spend your bucks and dollars wisely. Hold on to a proper financial plan according to your state of business in order to achieve cashlessness.

Here are 10 points that will certainly help you avoid a cashless situation, and being a fresher, you need to learn them thoroughly in order to save your money and manage your budget wisely:

1. Prepare a budget

This doesn’t need to be a number crunching experience by any means; neither it is a complicated task to accomplish. You can easily make it by using your excel sheet. You may even choose a mobile planner that you have. This will surely help you keep track with monthly expenses and you can also plug your unnecessary expenditures in this manner. Make the start by fixing your expenditure like food, transportation and so on. The balance will also assist you in your discretionary expenses. Read our post 5 ways to save money and beat budgeting blues.

2. Keep a Fund for New Opportunities or Emergencies


Since you are a fresher, it is quite obvious for you to gather a lot of money right at the very start of your job. Thus, prepare a fund for certain situations where you would require some quick cash. Thinking about it from the beginning will help prevent you from borrowing money from your friends or relatives. Also, you won’t be compelled to make small adjustments or skip your necessities. Keep aside pockets for both your crisis as well as your opportunities.

3. Avoid Debts and Maintain Your Savings in Your Bank Account

These days, mostly all the money transfers are made through banks and thus, you have a clear track record for your incoming as well as outgoing amounts. Trace your expenses by swiping your debit card whenever you need to make payments. Just spend what you have and this policy will help you maintain your financial discipline. Learn how to manage cash crisis being a college student.

4. Search for Online Bargains

Whatever you do for the next time, be it a movie or a shopping course, surf the internet to achieve a cheaper deal. You can have it branded and there are return options too, in case you don’t like it, so, there is actually no harm in the process. Moreover, with the growing days, discount sites are mushrooming gradually and there are even 95 % off on several services and products. Add up huge bargains at restaurants, apparel, gyms, multiplex movie tickets, spas and a lot more.

5. Head Outdoors At Times

Rather than being confined to the expensive man-made options opt for outdoor experiences occasionally. Go for picnicking, bicycling and camping. Being with the nature is really funny and frugal.

6. Use Cash Back Program while you are on with your Online Shopping

Get familiar with discount coupons and avail the cash back programs where you get your money deposited right into your bank account. It may result in a little profit; however, saving that extra penny with no effort is indeed a great option.

7. Cut-Down Your Addictions

Smoking and alcohol are something too common among people. Eliminate them from your list of expenses. This will offer you a healthier life along with a good savings option.

8. Choose Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Whenever you are out for buying something, food, electronics, clothes, etc, make sure that you seek quality. Buying cheaper products, thinking about the quantity you get will never save you in the long run. Pick an option that is balanced for you.

9. Deal with Your Emotions

It’s hard, yet not impossible. Avoid going into any major spending spree and be mindful in your investments.

10. Map Your Financial Goals

Be specific about your targets and start working towards hitting it every day. Figure it out, and follow the map as it works.

Lastly, discipline and determination are something you really need to hold on to along with your patience.

This is the guest post written by Koushal Swami.

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