Top 10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths for Better Positioning

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths for Better Positioning

If you want to succeed in the search engine optimization game, you require paying attention on quite many things and sharpen your SEO skills in order to drive better search traffic towards your websites or blogs. In the recent years SEO has been modified due to regular algorithm updates of search engines, mainly Google, Google Panda, Google Penguin. With these algorithms changing often, SEO’s have begun looking at other distinct methods of ranking their sites higher where many ideas executed well and few did not. Google is testing at its end and SEOs/website owners are even testing at their end to rank higher.

We’ve discussed here about top 10 SEO myths which you need to evade anyhow for better positioning.

1. Social Media is new direct ranking signal present in SEO

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The presence of strong social media is needed for building your brand, but if you are accomplishing it because somebody has conveyed that SEO will perk up the search ranking; then you’re not doing right. Google has refused often in using social media in ranking apart from using Google Plus. But many activities on social media assists you in engaging with millions of audiences; and therefore you develop a well-built brand of yours that further assists in achieving links from many bloggers and publishers, thus helping in search ranking!

2. Buying Expired Domain is a good way to falsify a wide website history

Only reason to purchase an expired domain is that it should be the best domain name for your website. Many discarded domains have severe baggage covering spam issues which have been eradicated from the Google. You should first check its background history before buying to ensure that it’s not blacklisted. Old domains with worthless contents cannot rank above the newest domains that have superb contents and best quality back links.

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3. It matters how long your web content is

Freelance writers across the world are acquiring requests for contents with 500 words long for SEO’s. Quality over the quantity will rule always in the SEO world. If your content demands only 300 words, you don’t need to increase it unnaturally to 600 words. So we have to make sure that the developed content should have proper word length which helps the users in better understanding.

4. Link Building is either not proper signal of Google Search ranking or is dead

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Numerous people including bloggers across the world believe that the link building is either not a proper search ranking signal or is dead. It is entirely a rumor. Backlinks also considered as inbound links of a site are the excellent ranking signal and Google won’t prevent itself soon from utilizing them as ranking signals and links are worthy too. So we have to focus on gaining high DA (domain authority) links to get proper DA juice to our website which helps directly in better positioning.

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5. More the pages, better it is

Though Google considers easy to find sites, but it’s not needed always to include lot many pages in your website. It is actually a flat-out myth where more indexed web pages you’ve, your rank will be higher as many fluff pages wind up being sealed with duplicate contents that is not good for SEO at all. We provide full support in producing more contents which assist with good rankings, but at the cost of contents stanching or they’re duplicate.

6. No effect of Web Navigation on ranking

Earlier the focus of Google was on keywords and contents, but today it ensures that websites presented to its users or searchers are simple to use because of its value. Web crawlers execute this by looking at the internal links that help the navigation page easy and page viewers shouldn’t have any problems to get around your site and they shouldn’t exit out from those pages. So we have to focus on user friendly navigation with amazing UX which help the visitors to go through whole website properly and get information according to their use.

7. Using Google Adwords for improved Google Organic ranking

It is often heard that when Google Adwords for ads are paid, it perks up the organic ranking in Google. It is completely baseless as Google Adword is unrelated with Google Organic search. Organic search is regarded as free and your site should have good keywords in the content; with high-quality contents, internal linking, and quality links so that it can grasp high positions on Google.

8. Guest blogging bad for SEO

Many bloggers are thinking that guest blogging is awful and have stopped writing as it won’t assist the SEO. But the truth is something else. Guest blogging is a remarkable source that helps in branding yourself by means of publishing your guest posts on well-known news websites and blogs. This can even offer you SEO advantages indirectly and yes, it is one of the best ways to generate quality back links which helps in gaining link juice as well as quality traffic for better conversions.

9. A sitemap is crucial to improve your rank

An accurate sitemap does create your site simpler for Google and other search engine bots to indexing, but this doesn’t signify that you’ll obtain boosts in your SEO ranking. Google has stated it clearly that adding a sitemap doesn’t really improve your ranking anyhow but it helps search engine bots to manage or organize your website content effectively.

10. Big number indexed pages assists you in ranking high

In the beginning days of SEO, a site with big number of pages performed superbly than the site with low number of pages. But today it really doesn’t matter much. Google provides more advantages to the site with better quality. Google Panda makes sure that those sites only perform remarkably who include high quality contents irrespective of page quantities and loves to rank only quality website higher by which Google’s searchers get relevant information through search engine result pages. Therefore, by now you might be aware of the above myths that you require avoiding while planning top-notch SEO strategy for better positioning. There are some must have pages on your blog have a look here.

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