Top 2 Easy Ways to Merge OneDrive Accounts

Merge OneDrive Accounts Easily

OneDrive is a professional cloud storage service launched by Microsoft, which is popular among users all over the world. As user demands and data volume increase, more and more users use two or more OneDrive accounts. When using multiple OneDrive accounts, switching accounts for file management and access will gradually become annoying. More and more people want a way to manage multiple OneDrive accounts.

Can I Merge Two OneDrive Accounts?

Combining multiple cloud storage accounts not only facilitates the management of the data of multiple accounts in one interface but also combines the storage space in multiple accounts so that you can get more than 5GB of free space given by OneDrive for each free user.

People with these ideas start thinking and searching. Is there a way to merge two or more OneDrive accounts? Fortunately, in today’s advanced technology, many things can be done easily. This article will introduce you to two ways to combine OneDrive accounts.

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2 Easy Ways to Connect OneDrive Accounts

I found that there are currently two most effective ways to connect multiple OneDrive accounts, one is to use a third-party tool, and the other is to use the sharing function of OneDrive. Next, this chapter will introduce these two methods for you on how to operate.

Method 1. By OneDrive Sharing Function

This method is to connect OneDrive accounts together by creating a shared folder.

Step 1. Navigate to the Microsoft OneDrive website and log in to your A account.

Step 2. Click +New to create a new folder and use it as a shared folder. After naming the folder, move all the files into it.

Step 3. First click on Shared Folder, then select Share at the top of the window.

OneDrive Sharing between accounts

Step 4. Click Anyone with the link can edit, and then start to set the link, and then select Apply after finishing.

Step 5. Go back to the previous sharing window, you can Copy the link, and then you can access all files in the A account through this link. If you have multiple accounts, just repeat all steps.

OneDrive sharing links

Although this manual method is effective, it takes a lot of steps to operate and it takes time. Here is another simpler way for you.

Method 2. With Third-party Tool – cBackupper

The process of manually connecting multiple OneDrive accounts using a shared folder is slightly cumbersome. Relying on the free cloud backup service cBackupper can put multiple OneDrives in one location for easy management.

It not only allows you to access all your OneDrive accounts through a single login but also can combine the free space in all OneDrive accounts to form a larger space for backup, which can make full use of cloud drive resources. You can also backup OneDrive data to other cloud drives with cBackupper.

Step 1. cBackupper is a web-based cloud to cloud backup service, you can navigate to its main page to directly register an account and use it.

Step 2. Then you need to add OneDrive accounts on cBackupper. Click the “Add Clouds” button below the My Clouds list on the left, select OneDrive, and click OK. It is worth noting that the service only supports adding one account at a time, and adding multiple accounts only requires repeating this operation.

adding onedrive from cBackupper

Step 3. After adding accounts, all your OneDrive accounts will be displayed under the My Clouds list. You can change the display name of the added account, and click Allocate to allocate storage space for these accounts. Check the box in front of Note and click OK.


In addition, you can also back up the files in one OneDrive account to another cloud storage service, which can not only protect the data in OneDrive but also allocate the available space of cloud storage.

Final Words

You can merge two or more accounts of OneDrive using the above two methods. Using OneDrive’s own sharing function can be achieved by creating a shared folder, and using a third-party service cBackupper can more easily connect multiple accounts. You can choose which method to use according to your own habits and needs.

If you are still looking for a way to connect your OneDrive account, you can act now and experience the easier and time-saving access and management of multiple accounts right away.

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