Basic Seo Tips for Bloggers

Top 3 Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers

It’s amazing how competitive the World Wide Web is in recent years. Thousands of new sites are being launched every minute and visitors have so much more choices in their hands. To be recognized – and easily discovered – you need a good SEO strategy and a very strong website. There are several basic SEO tips that will help you stay competitive.

Content Is (Still) King

You can’t get great SEO performance without good content. The only way you can attract visitors and keep them happy is by producing content that they find valuable. It is also important to have a main topic for your site. Yes, you can still blog about your everyday activities or other topics you are interested in, but try to have a consistent point for your visitors to capture.

Don’t stop at writing articles. This year is the year of multimedia and video. Users love images, sounds and video content. In fact, video content are now so popular that Google started to include them in search results.

Get Social on Social Media

Visitors want so much more than just a good article or video. Thanks to social media, the market has shifted from one-way communication (i.e. from a blogger to his or her reader) to interactions and engagement.

Social media is also great for SEO. You get a lot of traffic and exposure from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These pages are indexed by search engines as well, so you can get more organic search traffic from posts shared by your visitors.

Speaking of posts shared by visitors, social media is also a good place to build a strong connection with your visitors. Ask questions, reply to mentions or questions from your users and invest some time to get to know your viewers better. You can get a lot of insight from social media and conversations, including the kind of content they are searching for and the keywords they commonly use.

Invest More!

I still believe that SEO is about finding balance between investing your time and money. Sometimes, it is a good idea to invest in paid exposure, whether it is paid advertising or link placement. You should also invest more time in building relationships with other bloggers or site owners, particularly those who are in the same industry or market segment.

SEO is an ongoing effort, so you can’t expect great results without actually investing your time. You need to produce great content, target the right keywords, monitor your site’s SEO performance and make adjustments as you go along.

Fortunately, there are a lot – and I do mean A LOT – of web services and tools to help you. There are also service providers and SEO experts that can help you with various parts of the SEO campaign, from researching better keywords to target all the way to increasing social shares and maintaining your search engine presence.

These basic search engine optimization tips will help you get started with SEO. There are still more to learn and discuss about search engine optimization, so stay tuned for more updates right here on this site.

14 thoughts on “Top 3 Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers”

  1. Avatar of sai kiran

    found this website when searching for a article about wordpress in the top list and the articles are creative yet you have to increase the word count to make them even clear.
    thanks for the imformative article on basic seo tips for bloggers.

  2. Avatar of IBPS Clerk

    Hi, Great article.
    Content is still have more importance.
    In whatever niche you are, investment is vital whether it is in terms of time or money. Nicely explored article on main 3 points.

  3. Avatar of Ishara Keerthirathna

    Really awesome blog post. Thanks for sharing
    I think first we write good content in the blog post. It should not be duplicate one.
    Always try to write blog post for target keyword
    Then try to create backlinks and do social media marketing

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