Top 5 Best MBA Colleges of India – Why MBA is Important?

List of Top 5 Best MBA Colleges of India

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is very hot these days in India, it is not because it is just a trend this days but there are some real value pursuing MBA. But still students have some question in mind like why to pursue MBA? it is expensive, demanding and has high entry requirements. So question arise is Why to pursue MBA in India?

So before providing you the list of Top 5 Best MBA Colleges of India, we would like to clear all the benefits and advantages of an MBA from Top B-Schools in India.

Why MBA is Important

5 Reasons Why MBA is Important?

Here are the 5 reasons which will show you why MBA is important, let’s get started:

1.Better Career Opportunities:

The biggest advantage of MBA degree is better career opportunities. Due to their qualifications, MBA hold higher chance of obtaining higher level of management positing in an organization. With this high level position an MBA secures higher salary with high responsibilities and longer working hours.

2. Better Business Networks:

As an MBA students you posses a great networking opportunity. Because this study let you interact with your Colleague(Future High Level Managers), Professors and Teaching Staffs(Current Business People or Mentors) in a relevant manner. This well consolidated business networks is surely going to help you in future whether you go for Startup or in any top level organizations.

3. Higher Salaries:

Average salary of an MBA graduate is normally quite higher than that of an employee with other regular master degree. In India average salary of MBA lies between 5 lakhs to 14 lakhs, which is almost double of as much you expect to earn with any other degree. Also this covers the costs of 2 years of MBA from top B-schools within 1 or 2 years.

4. Deep understandings of Business World:

As mentioned above, MBA let you create better consolidated business networks which let you be a part of a great networks of professionals and organizations. By this you get to know about the biggest challenges yourself and how they manage to solve it. And this type of deep understanding in business world is not at all possible without spending a lot of time. As a regular employee you are restricted to a limited information which doesn’t let you grow out of the box.

5. New Skills and Knowledge Acquisitions:

Pursuing MBA from Top business schools forces you to come out of your comfort zone and deal with the latest problems where one have to apply new management strategies to control everything, which helps you challenge yourself and change your thinking and way of approach. And these things keep on going even after your studies.

So these are some important reason which shows How Does MBA helps in making better career in future.

List of Top 5 Best MBA Colleges in India:

List of Top 5 Best MBA Colleges of India

We did some researched and was able to list down the top 5 best MBA colleges in India with their latest rankings. So that students get to know about the best business colleges of India. Here we go:

1. IIM AHMEDABAD  (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad):

IIM Ahmedabad has been ranked at 1st constantly as number one school in country from last several years. Not only that IIMA has been ranked at 56 among the list of top 100 business schools in the world.

2. IIM CALCUTTA (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta):

IIM Calcutta has been established as the 1st national institute for post graduation by government on India in 1961. Over years, it has grown with huge global reputation among the world, imparting its high quality management studies.

3. XLRI – Xavier Institute of Management, Jamshedpur:

XLRI- Xavier Institute of Management is one of the leading management school based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. It has been established in year 1949 as one of the oldest business management school.

4. Faculty of Management Studies Delhi (FMS Delhi):

Faculty of Management Studies has been established in year 1954, under the aegis of University of Delhi, which offers management education to professional managers as part time or full time MBA programme.

FMS is known for its academic programmes, research & consultancy and training programme.

5. IIM INDORE (Indian Institute of Management Indore):

IIM Indore is the public business school situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and has been established in year 1966. IIM Indore was the 6th addition of management college to the list of all the IIM of India. It offers following programme:

  • Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)
  • Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)
  • Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Management (EPPM)

Above are all the top 5 best MBA colleges in India, If you want to have more details regarding top best MBA colleges in India, comparison, fees, placement and any other details subscribe with out email newsletter.

Let me know what you think about these top business schools of India in comment section below. Don’t forget to share it among your friends.

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