The Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2018

Web Design Trend 2018

Web design has come a long way. We have seen its metamorphosis from simple static websites to dynamic websites that are optimized for mobile devices. With the ever-changing nature of technology, you can expect that web design will keep adapting.  2018 will most likely see the emergence of new trends as well as the perfection of existing ones. To give you context on the development of web design, let’s go through the top web design trends of 2018.

1. Animation will take center stage in web design

Companies both startups and existing corporations are looking to differentiate themselves in the market using animation. That’s because animation carries with it a personality that cannot easily be conveyed in words or other objects. As such, 2018 will see the growth of web animation. Besides, the tools are now there to easily integrate animation into traditional web design.

2. A greater use of color

Greater use of color in web design

Over the years web design has experienced a bolder and deliberate use of color as a tool for making websites stand out. 2018 will be no exception. Web design will go bigger on the use of color as a tool. That’s because color tools have now been perfected enough, allowing web developers to experiment with color even better. Moreover, web designers will continue using color to create more personalized web pages that elicit the deeper feelings of their clients. Color tools like Khroma will most likely make a stronger showing as must-have tools for most developers. Leading web design companies such as Go limitless marketing are already leading the way on this front, as they try to give their clients a competitive edge in their respective markets.

3. The rise of customized typography

With an ever-growing number of people using the internet, companies are looking for more creative ways of reaching them and holding their attention. It is this competitive nature of the internet that will most likely oversee the rise of the customized font in 2018. Designers will be angling to customize web-content-font in a way that attracts the attention of people surfing the net. This will be speeded up by the fact that the hardware resolution is getting better, allowing for the customized font to come out clearer, and more attractive than ever before.

4. Increased adoption of AR and VR in web design

Web design is all about using websites to convey information in an easy to understand manner. That’s why pictures and bold typography have always been a part of web design. However, nothing beats AR and VR in breaking down data into an easy to understand format. In essence, 2018 will see a greater integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in a bid to make this process of conveying information through the web easier. Expect to see an increased use of these two technologies to convey complex ideas, by simulating life-like environments. This is definitely the next big reap of web design.

5. Regularization of web design tools

2017 saw an explosion of all sorts of design tools, all of them angling for the attention of web designers. Unfortunately, this has been a pain for web designers since it has become extremely difficult for them to choose, the best one to use. It is on this basis that in 2018, we are likely to see increased standardization of design tools. This will make it easier for designers to choose and make use of these tools.

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