Top 7 Tips for Increasing Your Home Value

Improve Home Value in 2016

A house truly becomes your own not when you sign the deal, but when you customize according to your own unique style. Home improvement is the process of renovating or making some addition into one’s house. In simple word Home Improvement refers to building project that alter the structure of existing home, It includes improvement of gardens, outdoor, lawn, garages etc. It also includes repair, maintenance and other tasks.

In US only home improvement industry is almost $300 billion Industry, and $48 billion industry in Canada. The average cost of home improvement is $3,000 in United States, In Canada it is $11,000 to $15,000.

Top 7 Tips for Increasing Your Home Value

You can increase your home value no matter what budget you are having, what you just need is an effective idea that can help add values to your home. In this post, we are going to share some best tips which will increase your house value. Here we go:

Home Improvement Under $100

1. Paint & Paint: It is one of the most simplest & cost effective of all. Freshly painted room looks clean, updated and add values to your old home. When choosing paint color, always remember that neutral colors appeal more number of people. The more color of your house appeal, the more value its add. On an average, a gallon of paint will cost $25 leaving with plenty of money to buy rollers, tapes, cloths and brushes. It is one of the best home repair technique to increase house value.

2. Inspect the problem: Deteriorating roofs, termite infestation, outdated electrical system are something you can’t fix until if you don’t know its broken. If you didn’t look on this small issue it might led you to kitchen, bathroom or house remodel. Hire an inspector to inspect the areas you don’t usually see. They may discover some new hidden problem that can reduce your home value.
NB: Hidden Problem like Water leak, which can be a big issue later as time passes.

Interior Designer

3. Spend an Hour with Pro: You can invite a professional, interior designer to check out your home. Many will do it for free as courtesy, but you probably have to pay for consultation fees to the designer. Look for the designer who are nearby you. Most of the experts charges less than $100/hour. In an hour they can give your lots of ideas for home improvement. Even there small suggested change can add a lot more value.

Home Improvement Under $100-$200

4. Improve Air Quality Inside House: Air quality doesn’t only mean outdoors or surrounding. If you have old carpets in your home, they might have contaminants. So at 1st you have to identify whether you need to replace them or not. For this you can hire professionals to test air quality inside your house. If results prove carpet should be replaced, choose environment friendly products. You can also laminate floor or use hard surface floor, hard surface are easier to clean, doesn’t hold odor and it appeals more buyers. Get Carpet Cleaner or Hire any Carpet cleaning services.

Plant Tree

5. Plant Trees: If you are not planning to sell your home today, then you should plan for the future. Try improving the landscape view that will mature over time. You should plant shade trees not only they get mature with time, they make your home more desirable. If the trees are planted properly then it can reduce your house cooling cost by 40%. It will make the atmosphere more better and also good for environment.

Home Improvement Under $200-$500

6. Cleanliness Counts: As people believe on 1st impression is true. So make the interior of your home looks appealing from the moment someone walks into. One can hire any professional cleanliness service for a through top to bottom scrubbing in less than $500. Even if you clean your home on regular basis there are some points, place that you miss knowingly. Let the cleaning services do all the dirty job while your do other work or sit around.

7. Visually Increase Your Home Square Footage: Size of your home dramatically affect the value of home everyone wants a bigger home but they go according to there budget. The key is to make each room look larger & bigger. Replace heavy curtains/draperies with vertical blinds to let light in. A lighter/brighter room look much bigger then a dark. Also try adding a single mirror to room to visually double the space. Finally you can clear unnecessary furniture & old stuff to free up the space.

This was all about the 7 best tips that can help you improve your home value. Even if you have a garden or a big lawn in an open area, you can give it on rent to Event Planner or Wedding Planner. They will effectively use your lawn and it will help you earn some extra money doing nothing and you might get invited in someone’s wedding as well, Lol!!!

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