Traffic Report for My One Month Old Blog !

Traffic Report 1st month

It has been one month since the blog was launched, I had bought the domain on 28th August 2014. And had installed Genesis framework and Prose child theme and had made some changes in it for good looks. My 1st post went live on the 6th of September 2014.

My 1st post was about Various Ways of Making Money Online Without Investment.

September was the 1st month for MoneyGossips and I did very hard work with great dedication. After this now I can see positive results in terms of engagement, traffic, and conversion.

Traffic Report 1st month

My older blog WorldTechBuzz many of my readers know about it very well. It was on sale but now sold to one of my partners at a great price. It was an awesome deal. That was my 1st blog and I created it for fun but received an amazing response and had learned a lot so I started MoneyGossips with the perfect plan.

Traffic Report

Traffic to this blog was quite low but as it is new it was amazing for me. Most of the traffic was from referral sources but the Search engine has also helped me get traffic, In the near future, I will surely going to increase it to much higher than now with hard and smart work.

There is an average of 70-80 daily traffic. And in near future, it will be more as it reaches will goes on the increase on both Search engine and Social Media.

Traffic overview of MoneyGossips

What I had done in 1st month on MoneyGossips?

1. Published content once in 2-3 days to keep it updated with new content.

2. Shared on Social Media Facebook and Google+. I had not yet shared on Twitter due to lack of time but will surely do in the future.

3. Shared some of the posts on Kingged and Klinkk ( near about 3-4 posts ) through which I got comments as well.

4. Commented on CommentLuv enabled blogs, which helped to get some referral traffic after social media.

5. Written most of the article of around 1000+ words which helped to reduce the bounce rate of my blog

6. Created some quality backlinks for good SEO of my blog

7. Contributed to others with guest posts.

My Guest posts are:-

Traffic Source: According to Google Analytics

Traffic Source- Google Analytics

I want to say Thanks to Marc Zuckerburg for creating Facebook, it stands 2nd for traffic on my blog.

Organic traffic stand 3rd in terms of traffic which is quite good for any 1-month-old blog according to me.

And after that referral traffic from other sources due to my contribution on other blogs, and making comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

Most Popular Articles of MoneyGossips:-

  1. Different Ways to make money online without investments
  2. New to Blogging! Start creating a blog that makes money
  3. September Report! 31 Commentators and You
  4. What Should you choose WordPress or Blogger
  5. How to Choose a Good Domain name

Alexa Stats:-

moneygossips.com Alexa Stats

Within the next few days, MoneyGossips will achieve a Worldwide Alexa rank of 100,000. This will be the major and 1st achievement of my blog. Alexa stats are still very important in Internet Marketing, it helps to attract advertisers a lot as Alexa stats help them to identify the popularity and activeness of blogs and websites.

There are many Alexa tools that help to decrease Alexa rank quickly, still, there are many website owners who are using it. But it led to nothing rather than penalization.

Final Words

The success of this blog totally depends on you and it is nothing without you and readers of Moneygossips. Thanks to each and everyone who had read, shared our articles on Facebook, Twitter and special thanks to those who had dropped comments and notified me for being a part of it.

There are many other blogs that have great stats and even better than mine. So I want to know what you think about my blog traffic stats for its 1st month. Share your views in the comment below.

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  1. Hi Sup,

    Well First of all congrats for completing 1 month at moneygossips. 🙂 The best thing I liked it is that you shared your stats completely which others wouldn’t have done until they start getting high traffic.

    Talking about the quality, well you are really a good writer and your posts are very well explained. I am glad to have a guest post of your’s on iftiseo. Good to see iftiseo in your traffic report 😉

    I’m sure you will take this blog to a great extent and I wish you good luck for the month of october.

    btw should I also post my monthly report of iftiseo on my blog ?? 😉

    Thanks and Eid mubarak 🙂
    Iftekhar Ahmed
    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…How to Add Multiple Author Bio Box in your Blogger BlogMy Profile

    1. Hey Iftekhar,

      Good to see you here as a commentator. I shared everything here because i want to help my readers grow actually by How i am working and what things will work for them by guiding them each and every point. My motto is not for earning from this blog but for helping.
      Thanks for the compliment and wishes Ifti.
      Ya why not we would love to see Traffic report of your blog as well.

      Eid mubarak to you as well Btw How was your EID ?

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Choose a Good Domain Name ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 2My Profile

  2. Hello Suprabhat,

    Your new blog is quite impressive – and I must say, worthy of the bandwidth which is used to access the content here. Congratulations!

    Commenting on other blogs (especially CommentLuv enabled blogs), guest blogging and attracting other webmasters to your blog is sure a great way of attracting and maintaining a great Alexa rank. You have shown to be a master of it all!

    It will be a thing of joy to land here next and be engaging with a blogger whose Alexa rank is less than 10k! How will that feel? Work hard and let’s meet there!

    Do have a very great day and remember, never stop working hard – and smart!


    1. Hey Akaahan,

      Good to see you here at MoneyGossips,
      Thanks for your great compliment, Ya commenting on CommentLuv enabled blog, guest blogging helps us to attain alexa rank and google search engine rank, quickly this way once can develop authority as well with quality content and helping their readers at it best.

      I will surely try to reach the mark of 10k! but it will take some hard work and time which i am going to give.

      Thanks for commenting here
      Keep Visiting us
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Choose Right WordPress Hosting Provider ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 4My Profile

  3. Normally, no one shows their traffic reports because question arise in reader’s mind that from where the traffic comes from which is very hard to tell to readers.
    But I think suprabhat is somewhat different….
    Keep it up…

  4. Congratulations for your Success in very short time,

    your ways are very good also helping to newbie who don’t know exatly wht to do for new blogs …………… 🙂

  5. Hi Suprabhat,

    I made it by and very impressive statistics. So did you bring any of that traffic from your other blog over to this one? I mean being a brand new blog and never having blogged before is quite different I think but either way you’ve done very well and I can probably see this one doing as well as your first one.

    We all love real time statistics now, something we can all sink our teeth into and grasp. I appreciate you sharing your results with us and I know that they will do nothing but rise as time goes by. I wish you the very best of luck.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Build A Popular Blog Especially If You Are NewMy Profile

  6. Hey Suprabhat,

    First of all congratulations for getting pretty good results with your blog in the first month only. Its all due to your hard work and smart work.

    And I am damn sure that if you keep it up then you’ll surely be rolling at more. Great work man.

    Do have a great week ahead!


    – Rohit
    Virtuo Rohit recently posted…3 Things To Do Right After Publishing A PostMy Profile

  7. Hi suprabhat , glad to see your article ,Congrats for this success,really inspirational for fellow bloggers and newbies .you explicated every point of what you followed to get this success ,Thats an awesome Blog and article .Hope you will do much miracles in coming days :p :p Good luck 🙂

    And moreover honestly I learned some basics from your blogs 😛 🙂
    Radhika recently posted…5 Best Ways To Improve Your Concentration At WorkMy Profile

  8. Hi suprabhat,
    It’s really great to see your first month report, really amazing.
    and you achieved great Alexa rank, Really I am surprised to see your Alexa rank. It’s very tough to achieve this.

    Any way, I hope you will become pro-blogger one day.
    It’s my pray to you.
    Thanks for this report.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 WishesMy Profile

  9. Wow! This is impressive and quite challenging. I guess some of the reasons why mine couldn’t get such level of ranking on Alexa included the fact that my bounce rate suddenly skyrocketed to 53% in a week and for the fact that I’m still using free template.

    In 2 months @ EntrepreneurBusinessBlog.com I’m still ranking at about 3 million. Isn’t that too bad? I’m doing everything to upturn this. I can’t continue like this.

    Suprabhat, you’ve taught me a great lesson today. Thanks.
    Emenike recently posted…5 Steps to Set Financial Goals for Your Online Business in 2017My Profile

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